Thursday, September 16, 2021

sitting just sitting...


I am tired.

 I had 3 medical appointments on Monday, another on Tuesday late afternoon , and one more on break of dawn Wednesday. OF COURSE all were more than an hour away. I have one scheduled next week and have 3 more doctors to call for appts to catch it all up and get it done this year as my out of pocket is maxed out. I also will be getting the flu shot mid Oct and then Nov call to schedule my back injections. 

I got this month groceries bought in the home, not all dealt with. I found a 20 lb. turkey for 89 cents/lb. .

I have cherry tomatoes, butternut squash, acorn squash , watermelon and watermelon rind, peas, apples, grapes, hamburger, steak, cube steak , sausage patties , steaks and the chuck roast I baked last night to deal with.

I have a laundry basket of mending to do

I haven't started my weekly cleaning let alone fall cleaning. 

I haven't wiped down the jars I just canned and taken them to the pantry nor shelled the dried beans 

I haven't picked peas in two days, or the other dried beans that need pulled or work at clearing the garden beds that are done.

What have I done besides run to medical appts ?

I had a light stroke that got missed amongst the busyness of the season. It showed on the head MRI that was ran for other reasons, ruled out MS and tumors.

Left side that affects vision, language and memory.  It has not affected it enough for Hubby who is a EMT to notice it. Or even my doctor that I see every 3 months. I still read nightly, I still run my mouth... which neither comment to my brother or girlfriend went over very well but our kids thought it was funny.

I already have been doing all I can to keep my heart healthy since I was BORN with left side heart failure. I had a nasty fall awhile back and they now think either the fall causes the stroke or maybe the stroke caused the fall instead of my cerebral palsy. Six one , half dozen another. My attitude is IT DOESN'T MATTER ... it just is. 

My doctor who I see this coming week already called me to let me know that I just need to eat healthy, get exercise and not watch all the negative news. I'm okay. 

But right now I am drained and tired so it's a day of doing nothing. 


  1. Hi, I don’t comment usually but wanted to thank you for your blog. I read it and throughly enjoy your writing and topics ;). And wow, I have been astonished by the amount of work you do each day, canning etc and then to find out the medical adventures you have….i can say that you are incredibly busy and inspiring, astonishing that you can just power through a stroke…for example. Gives me some inspiration to get off my lazy butt and get some more accomplished this fall! Thank you again.

  2. OH sweetie, I feel for you. I know what it is like to have a chronic illness and just have to keep going, but sometimes we have to stop. I know I do. I HATE IT BUT I do.

  3. Using up emotional energy is also exhausting. Going a long distance to medical appointments can just wear you out, even if you rode in the car. I'm not sure why, but boy are we tired the day after busy days, even when physical exertion was not required.

    1. I used to drive 10 hrs one way to work and then 2 wks later drive back home and think nothing of it. Now it's like... can I group this together?

  4. I think I may have had a stroke, and hate to find out for sure. Two doctor appointments are all I can handle in one week. Otherwise, I am like you, just sitting and trying to recover. I hope your health gets no worse and maybe better. Try to keep sitting for a bit.

    1. You really need to find out because you need to be on blood thinners to prevent another one. My Mom has had three mini strokes but the second and third were very small since she is on blood thinners.

    2. I take 500 mg of aspirin a day for pain due to back.

  5. I actually fell asleep during the Head MRI.

  6. I am so sorry. Glad you are taking a bit of a break.Scary news, but I'm so glad that the light stroke wasn't more severe.