Sunday, September 26, 2021

To do list

 It's going to be a big push as we start heading into the colder months.

In the Garden :

Clear remaining boxes of summer crops. 

Cover late fall/ early winter boxes with row cover

Air dry calla lilies to replant next spring.

Clear flower garden of bulbs. Will transplant hosta next year and put in weed barrier and stones instead of plants. This area gets no direct sunlight but tons of WEEDS coming off the pasture across the yard.

Transplant black raspberries as they are too young to put in ground yet but getting too big for the pots they came in.

Transplant orchids (just finished blooming) 

Transplant philodendron

Trim herbs

Organize flower bulbs that need planted in Oct. Get said bulbs planted in the north garden. 

Plant garlic after 1st frost.

For the house:

Prep the kitchen porch for it to be torn off this coming month. I have paint the support posts and the ceiling before they tear the rest off.

We will be getting all the winter bedding, throw blankets, clothes etc  washed and put away, all the summer stuff will be cleaned if needed and put into storage.

I will start do fall cleaning with the hope to get all 23 areas done by the end of Oct. 



  1. You always have such a large to do list. I don't know how you do it.

  2. Wow come to my house and get to work will ya?