Monday, January 3, 2022

Jan 3rd I have no clue

 to why she thinks she has to be UNDER my legs when I am propped up on the bed.

I was using the heating pad for my back. Guess she thought it was nap time. 

Stopped to drop off stuff to late husband's daughter aka Daughter 1 who was in a car accident. Car total, she's bruised and has a swollen knee. Was supposed to start back to work from surgery on wrist and elbow the next day and now that is not happening.  We also handed her some money for groceries and such. Her insurance is getting her a rental.

Stopped to drop off stuff to Daughter 4's as they were celebrating Christmas on NY Day. The night before her car got TOTALLED along with a neighbors by a hit and run driver... cops are looking into another neighbor as the driver. Going to take a lot of evidence as no one has security camaras in that area. She is now driving her daughter's car and looking for a new place to live as that is the 2nd car totaled while parked in front of her home (no driveway). The other one was the city's trash truck.

Texted rest of kids about those two, surprised I was the first to know about both.  We are usually the last to find out as they don't want to worry us. UNLESS it is Son2 and then he has to tell us each and every detail. His new girlfriend said she figured out she does NOT have to ask how his day went as he will tell her immediately.

I went through all the seeds, glad I made notes of what to not reorder. Still spent 3 hours going through it, checking notes I made of what grew better and when. I have some that did horrible in the spring but wonderful in the fall.  Made a buy list with options of something we would like to try. This week I will be searching for what I need for the best price.

We saved $95.72 on propane as we prepaid for the year and it has increased by 35 cents/gal. PLUS we went 4 wks past our normal fill.

We went to the store for dairy only. Took 4 stores to get milk, large curd cottage cheese, plain yogurt and cream cheese. Hubby put the word out to local dairy farmers he is looking for dairy shares.

We saw an old friend that used to work with Hubby, his wife and him are preppers (actually it's his JOB to handle communities emergency's like wild fires, tornadoes floods etc). I out canned him and then gave him sources for canning lids and jars. He did let us know a local bakery has sales on Tuesdays. We got bread for 25 cents. It costs me 60 cents to make the same size loaf. We got four loaves for M as she had just got back in state so that took some pressure of getting bread on the table off her. We got bread, tortilla wraps, pita bread, buns, rolls, hand pies, doughnuts and bread sticks for 25 cents each for us and split it with Daughter 4. We finished off the pumpkin yeast bread and the homemade rolls first.  I spilt some of it up to freeze and eat.  We won't make it a habit to stop as eating processed breads are not in our best interest.

I am doing Frugalwoods Uber month (no spend except for necessities) and a pantry challenge (Good Cheap Eats) for the month of January. We both have several medical appts so we have tried to combine them so fuel costs are not so high as our medical out of pocket will be high. I am glad we have that money already in savings.

Blessed Be everyone


  1. Pets do the darndest things! Your garden process is fascinating. This won't be the year I try again, but maybe a few pots with tomatoes.

  2. I read every post and have learned so much from you. I am also doing Frugalwoods Uber month.

  3. I too am doing a frugal food challenge, hope I can keep at it, there is so much food here. How aggravating to have your car hit twice.

  4. Dairy sure is hot or miss these days/ A couple weeks ago Aldi did not have buttermilk so we stopped at our second choice store and they only had it in GALLONS! We just don't do without it here so we bought it and divided it up and froze it. Life sure is interesting these days!

  5. I think I will grow tomatoes and zucchini. Tommy loves zucchini! He bought groceries today, so he knows how expensive it is. He will help with a garden now, but he will really be interested if zucchini are growing.

  6. Glad your DDs are ok. Car accidents are so scary.
    I did a grocery pickup today of produce and dairy. And then just a little pantry stockup to fill the gaps where I used things for the holidays. I purpose in putting together the list was to get new batteries for our garage door openers. Wouldn't you know that was the one thing that was out of stock!
    Dinners this week are pantry meals. Monday was spaghetti and meatsauce (sauce was from pints of sp sauce and ground beef that didn't seal when I pressure canned over the weekend.) Today we had Tacos in shells or over salad greens. We had to get bales for the cattle when I got home from work, and DH offered to run into the city for Taco Bell. Bless him. That sounded good but I can make tacos healthier and safe us time and $$.
    Tomorrow is Breakfast Night and I have bulk sausage in the fridge, and a leftover baked potato. Sausage gravy, biscuits and home-fries. Then flash-freezing the extra sausage into patties.
    Thur: Soup night (it's suppose to get very cold again) Chicken noodle for me and leftover potato for him. Toast or leftover rolls and salads/veggies.
    Fri: Something in the Air Fryer. We have lots of snack type foods leftover from Dec.
    Sat: Roast something, mashed potatoes, roast carrots.