Thursday, May 19, 2022

Frugal moments

 Furnace has been doing short cycles. Our HVAC guy suggested new thermostat. I love the new one as I can read it from across the room and don't have to touch it to see what the temperature is. BUT that didn't solve the problem. Another HVAC friend suggested we check the intake and exhaust pipes and we found a birds nest in the intake. We thought there was screens on the ends but if there was, there isn't now. Hubby got the nest out and let our HVAC guy know and to see how to make sure nothing got sucked into the line and to stop it from happening again. Our HVAC guy doesn't charge for calls or texts for information (we had one that did).

Since our weather has been mid 70s to almost 90 and then down to low 60s. I turned the schedule off on the furnace and only run it when it gets down to 68 unless the sun is shining and it's around noon. After noon we get a lot of sun from the French doors in the kitchen/dining area so we don't bother to turn the furnace up. The house heats up by a good 3-5 degrees.

I have started checking as Hubby forgets to turn the ceiling fan off when he leaves the front room.

I am monitoring how much rain we get. If we get an inch of water in 7 days, I do not water. M sent over 8 red oxheart tomatoes and 4 goat bag tomatoes. Last year both varieties only took 1 tomato to fill a pint jar. I have never seen a tomato get that big.

Asparagus is almost done. We have a year's supply between the freezer and the pickling of them. We have shared with E and M and 3 other families. We both are tired of having asparagus every day. Even M said her family is getting tired of asparagus. 

Chives, garlic chives, spinach and rhubarb are ready also. 

Peas, strawberries and blackberries are blooming.

We have limited how much ice we are getting in our glasses. I told Hubby if he had ice still to not dump it in the sink but in the dog's water bowls. He mentioned he probably didn't need to get that much to begin with. Charlotte, our dog has one water bowl in house and one on the kitchen porch. Out of habit I have always did this. It wasn't until the other day I saw him dumping his ice in the sink before putting the glass in the dishwasher that I realized he wasn't.

I am using the family size tea bags to make hot tea (water kettle ), then letting it cool for ice tea... both of us are starting to just drink it as room temperature. I also use the bag a second time and just let it steep longer.


First we had Arby's thanks to an Amish family Hubby did some message running for. 

From the pantry:

bacon, eggs (free from M) and asparagus. 

cheeseburger with spinach instead of lettuce , last of the French fries, asparagus 

smoked sausage with fried onions , mac and cheese, asparagus

leftover mac and cheese with spinach salad

pork chop, rice and veggie mix of onions and bell peppers

leftover porkchop, rice, onions and bell pepper turned into stir fry.

Last of turkey and ham lunchmeats into tortilla wraps.

pancakes with homemade peach pie filling instead of maple syrup( from M), eggs(from M), homemade potatoes O'Brien.

 I had some friends give me a heads up  about a possible salt shortage..,one%20of%20the%20main%20producers.

I am not out but will be by mid summer instead of waiting I priced my local stores and then a couple over in another area that one of the kids live in and Amazon was the cheapest. I made sure I have canning/pickling salt, sea salt and table salt. I also ordered pepper as it is the last spice I have on my list.

I can not find 5 lbs. bag of yellow corn meal. I even asked a couple bulk stores. they said it's on order but said they were iffy because most grains that are coming in are on a limited bases. I found some on line and ordered it. I am down to 16 oz of yellow corn meal.

Unless I get speltz (Amish spelling) which I can get locally , my grains are or will be in stock by the end of this month.

I had a friend give me an e-gift card from King Arthur that I used. I only paid shipping.


  1. Now I am hearing potatoes will be in short supply. We cannot grow them here on our shady property so We will buy them if we can find them I guess.

    I had heard that about the salt several months ago and stocked up then. We have plenty now for maybe two years.

    Who knows what is next? It sure does keep us on our toes!

    1. get dehydrated potatoes. I even got some mashed potatoes and the kids threatened to put me in the nursing home as that was a NEVER IN THIS HOUSE LOL

    2. I think instant mashed might be pretty good if we cannot find any fresh ones! I have several pkg but need to get some others like hash browns.

  2. I love all the things you do to save money, it gives me so many good ideas.