Thursday, May 12, 2022

Get it done list for May

Stay focused on saving for Grid down items (stove and pipe and solar water pump especially)

Stay focused on saving for winter propane.

Continue to do deep cleaning (good for rainy days)

Clean outside front room windows so Hubby can put on full size screens. All the rest take  adjustable window screens. 

Install front room window screens (Hubby)

Finish washing summer bedding and put on beds

Finish washing summer curtains and hang up

Finish washing summer furniture throws and put on furniture

Wash last of winter bedding and put in barn

Wash last of winter curtains and put in barn

Wash last of winter furniture throws and put in barn

Wash summer clothes and put in drawers

Pull winter clothes and put in barn.

Finish planting the garden by Memorial day.

Take grow cart to barn.

Take grow lights to barn

Clear garden shed completely. 

Repair garden shed floor and add ventilation. (Hubby)

Load firewood into garden (now wood) shed. Split any that is too big for stove.(Hubby) Might pay a could of Amish kids to help put the wood in the shed.

Continue to get wood for winter. 

Store large drying rack in east bedroom

Unload Hubby's wardrobe in wheelchair bathroom(me) and move to front room( hopefully Hubby but probably me)

Deep clean/ caulk if needed/ install insulation covers on outlets and switches if needed wheel chair bathroom

Build closet where wardrobe was (Hubby) in wheelchair bathroom

Put Hubby's clothes in new closet. (Should be Hubby but I can guess it will be me)

Remove wardrobe in front room by Hubby's desk (Grandfather's clock will go there) Take to East bedroom (both)

Remover wardrobe in front room by wheelchair bathroom. Take to West bedroom.(both)

Move Hubby's wardrobe that was in wheelchair bathroom to front room by wheelchair bathroom door. ( Probably me but hope Hubby)

Mark off area that wood cookstove will take and space needed around it for safety. (both)

Straighten 1st bay of barn to store garden stuff.

Put garden stuff in 1st bay of barn. Which will clear a lot in the front room. 

Start moving front room furniture around for stove to come in.




  1. Is breathing permitted? 🙃

    Long-time reader, might be my first comment.

    You manage to stay busy! :-)

  2. That is a lot of work! Aren't you afraid mice will make a home in your winter things you store in the barn?