Friday, November 18, 2022

7 more qrts and 25 pints

 of turkey and turkey broth. Broth in the canner at this moment.

I had to rearrange some things in the pantry to get the turkey and turkey broth together.

I kicked the dishwasher on and then after it started running, I ran dish water for the hand washing of canning items. Hubby asked why I didn't run the water first. Because then the dishwasher is pulling the cold water instead of me running twice as much in the sink to get hot water to wash the dishes.

Hubby stopped at Save A Lot and got sausage. They were having a sale buy 2 for $6 of their brand which is 16 oz.  A friend checked at Kroger's and they only had mild in their brand of sausage for $2.99. The only spicy/hot sausage was from $3.49 to $5.49 and a few were only 12 oz not 16. I told Hubby get a dozen, meaning total of both together. He got a dozen of each. Guess that is okay at that means we eat sausage twice a month and I have a couple new casseroles that calls for sausage. He also picked up Save A Lot's brand of thick sliced bacon .  I have plenty of bacon in the freezer but he wanted to see if he liked this brand as I usually buy Wright Brand thick sliced bacon and only buy it when it's on sale.  Maybe we will have it this weekend. It is priced what I would buy the other bacon for. 

We had a wood handle break on the wood stove. E's dad is going to fix it for us as he's known for that type of repairs. We were heading over to where he was at anyways as they were sitting up for an auction... lots of things I would have bought years ago... now it's just pretty to see but not have to deal with taking care of it. 

Hubby scheduled the winter tune up for the lawn mower, saving 10 % on parts  and reduced labor price for doing it now. He changed where he takes the tractor and they charge half the price the other shop did.

Oven timer buzzing. Supper to get ready

Blessed Be 

Prayers for peace


  1. My dishwasher said specifically to run water hot before starting it in order to get dishes clean. You have lots of turkey and broth! And, now you have lots of

  2. I always enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for sharing

  3. I was always told to run the dishwasher with hot water. I have a large jug by the sink that I fill up with the water until it gets hot. I use that water to add to the washing machine or water plants or wash pots and pans. I would think that running the cold water into the dishwasher would either 1) result in less than ideal results or 2) cause the heater in the dishwasher to run more to heat up the water before washing thus using more electricity. I love reading your blog! You have so many good ideas on how to prepare for hard times and how to save money!