Friday, June 9, 2023

As June rolls on


First year I planted them so surprised they are blooming. Some more (I planted 12) have buds, some have nothing but are firm to ground so maybe next year???

Our rental car... that if I had the money I would buy... maybe next year if the old red truck holds up 

Nissan Armada 2021. Drives like my 2001 Ford Explorer and inside is like Son2's Chrysler Pacifica . I sent the pic to him as he is on the hunt for a new car also.

Update on wreck...

 Hubby has to get proof he was making a delivery ... do you understand that Amish don't do paperwork or have phones... was his question to the insurance. The cop that was behind him was wondering why his word that the equipment was on the trailer wasn't enough. HUM. Won't pay the wrecker tow bill until he can give them paper work, that is $5300 we can't afford to eat. So he is jumping hoops.

Adjuster for the truck basically just went to the car dealership where we dropped it off to go over it with them to make sure everything is fixed. Truck worth is at $40,000 damage is at $18,000. They are taking the bed off on Monday and if nothing is wrong with the frame underneath it, it will be repaired. IF frame is bad, it will be totaled.

Second adjuster came to house to check out trailer. The young man was here 6 hrs. He spent 2 hrs. looking the top side over, another 2 for the underside and 2 hrs. on the phone figuring things out.  Trailer was worth $18,000 Repair is at $14,000 because the entire bed has to be replaced due to scrapes that will allow the bed to rot. He said it will most likely be totaled. Personally he would rather fix it but the cost of wood for that floor is through the roof. 

Hubby said he is thinking of shutting the business down whether they fix it or not. I would prefer that but I know this is not only his purpose for something to do but his socialization.  When he asks questions I will answer but I am not pushing either way. I did tell him the stress of worrying about making enough to meet the bills is a negative on his health.

Speaking of his health, he got his EEG done. Results will be Sept 20th due to not being able to get in to the doctor that does that. We were warned when we saw the neurologist it would take months. They did say he needs to eat healthy, lose at least 1 lb. a week and exercise 1 hr. a day. Working in the gardens, pushing the lawnmower and cutting, stacking and hauling wood counts. They also want to me track when he showing the most confusion, what he is eating and when since he only drinks black coffee, unsweet tea and water along with how many steps he is getting. 

Back to the gardens... got lettuce, onions, radishes, turnips, mustard greens, strawberries and golden cherry tomatoes today. 

Tomorrow it's the perennial gardens to be weeded, harvested and watered. Hubby decided after harvesting the strawberries that he needed to get the new bed up. Said they were starting new runners. So I am not going to deal with it when he is working there...even though it was tempting to hose him with the garden hose. I behaved 😈😝. I still need to repot some rhubarb for MIL, basil and wave petunias. Herbs need cut and in dehydrators also. But that is for another day and I am done after getting up at 3:30. 

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace


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