Friday, September 29, 2023

Here we go

 Daughter 2 spent yesterday in the ER... with Son 2 as we couldn't be there as his next of kin. Son 2 said it was worse to see her sit and cry as she is terrified of her baby brother dying and dealing with her dad nearly dying and afraid I will die of heart failure or crohns. He did get her to make appt with her shrink while sitting with him and then stuck her with making HIS follow up appts with all his doctors and HIS Shrink.

Daughter 4 (who would have handle it better )was babysitting granddaughter so her daughter could be with her baby girl as she was having surgery again. Premature birth, fluid on brain, VAD and shunt was not working so changing which side of brain shunt is on. Granddaughter didn't tell us because we put out Son 2 was in ER. Her line of thinks was we are already praying daily for this child and there is nothing else we can do. As we already paid their rent. What we could do. 

Son 2 was again having heart event. Not heart attack. He had tons of tests (just like his Dad did) and in now in the follow up appt hoops along with seeing his civilian and VA primary doctors and getting refers to Cardiologist and GI for fatty liver (Tylenol and drinking , but he quit both over a month ago so he's not dealing with withdraw now). 

Daughter 2 was in ER over weekend for sever sprained ankle. Now in boot and crutches. She explained we couldn't be there because we both had covid for the first time. 

Doc said even though it's safe for food to be canned while having covid, he knows me and doing 14 to 21 jars plus is too much the first 5 days. I am to rest (I struggle to rest on Sundays) On Day 6 (because Day 5 is Sunday) I can do 14 jars a day for a week. THEN mentioned so CAN HUBBY.As Doc does the canning (in fact we have another couple that the man does the canning) so he figures Hubby can do it also. My line of thinking , I'll do the canning (put jars in , take jars out) and he can process the food to the jars... which is a lot more work. Guess we could flip who does what (that is not happening at all as I know my Hubby), he will take jars out and take jars to basement.

A friend told me trouble comes in 3s. SO Hubby's dad cancerous bowel tumor, Hubby's heart attack and great grandbaby born too early was the first 3, Hubby's covid, grandson in Army came out due to damaged knee, daughter 2's ankle is second 3. My covid, Son 2 heart event ... we are missing one and I am okay with that. GEEZE.

Do we get to count M's brother getting electrocuted and it past through his hands and feet?? Since we were the one to get the message... fun trying to pass phone calls to Amish while you have covid. I now have a sign on door not answering due to covid. My UPS guy honked until I stepped out and told me he put us on his church prayer chain AGAIN. No one around here can find out what he was doing around electricity to begin. It's not something they are usually around even when working construction site they ask the electric not be on until they are done.  

I need to pay bills


  1. My prayers for you and your family! Many years ago, I had a flood of stuff happen, I think I counted 11, although most not nearly as severe as your list…but then I went through years of calm. I also believe in the rule of 3’s. Holy cow, I have a visual of you and your husband in a small boat at sea in the middle of a storm, just holding on until it passes. Hilogene in Az.

  2. Dandelion root capsules for fatty liver one at each meal for at least 6 months. We use Nature's Way.

    1. His primary put him on dandelion root tea as he also has gout. She said she is thinking about the capsule instead but he really enjoys the tea because it reminds him of his Dad who drinks it also.

  3. Oh my goodness! You are having so many problems with kids, relatives and such. I hope it calms down around your place.