Thursday, November 23, 2023

Day 1 of week one.

 Charlotte insisted we start the day with our normal routine of sitting on the kitchen porch while I drink coffee. I was definitely wrapped in a blanket.

We decided to eat our main meal at noon with snacks later. 
I roasted the turkey, baked a large sweet potato to split between us. Baked Brussels sprouts in bacon grease so they were crispy on the edges. Bakes stuffed mushrooms.  I added a spinach salad with sliced strawberries, feta cheese and strawberry salad dressing one of the kids passed to me as they didn't like it. I heated a couple rolls. We did not have any of the pecan pie or pumpkin pie but the day is not over.

I set the table (used to bug the crap out of Hubby) with the dishes my Daddy bought Mother on their 5th anniversary to celebrate buying their first home. Plus I used the silverware that was Hubby's grandmother on his Dad's side. His parents said it made them feel good because none of the kids wanted it because it was silverplated instead of silver. Since they would have been farming for a living , I struggle to see them spending money for real silver. But that is just me I guess. 

I took the crystal punch bowl Son2 gave back and used it for the citrus fruit. There is oranges, lemons, limes and pomegranates. The oranges look yellow in this photo. 

While putting leftovers away I found a bag of mixed salad that has taco flavoring that needs used up. So moved enchilada casserole up to this week to go with the salad.  

I washed the outside of the  west side windows so we can start dealing with Christmas decorations. I ordered some things we needed replaced for Christmas decorations that was on sale at Amazon.

Tomorrow I will be bagging up the turkey by meals and starting broth from the bones. Probably cleaning, and decorating. 

Be safe

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be 


  1. Your meal and preps sound great. The punch bowl is very pretty. I wonder if mine survived the house. I ate too much and cannot even think about Christmas. You are very ambitious.

  2. Thanks for taking me on this with you and sharing the results. I have been thinking lately that I have so much food and should do a "fresh only" period of shopping. I'm thinking through the winter at least.