Tuesday, February 27, 2024

This week

 The Geese are back, the buzzards are scouting (like we have 3-4 instead of 2 dozen).

About a month early. Ch 10 in over in Columbus is saying March is going to be warmer than normal. 

I will be bringing in seed starting soil to get it warm so I can start my seeds. I was able to get the grow cart in the laundry room. I will have to roll it if I use the dryer to fluff dog fur off blankets) About the only thing I use the dryer for.

I will be covering 2 garden beds to prep them for spring planting. That way if we get cold weather (and we will) I can just pull the row cover over them to protect them. 

I have started my sweet potato slips. In two weeks I will chit my potatoes for planting the week before Easter.

I have started reorganizing the home. I have found that storing in boxes does not work for me. One I don't like cardboard boxes as they get mites and I end up getting bit. Two I can't see what I have and constantly have to look or keep written track and that doesn't happen when Hubby gets something and doesn't say something or a kid walks out with the whole box. 

SO open shelving is happening.

I had a small end table for the home phone in the dining room. I now have a 3 tier pipe and wood shelving unit for it and I am slowly putting the cook books I use the most on it.That end table will probably end up in one of the lofts.

We will be picking up 2 more shelfing units today as they are on sale at Menards and I have rebates I can use to pay for them, like what I have in the basement for the one loft  so I can moves stuff there. THEN I can move the metal shelf unit to the other side of the loft for medical supplies.There is a cabinet in the barn that might work in that room also. It was above the washer at the old homestead and I hated it as I had to climb on the washer to get anything. But Late Husband could reach it easily so that's where he put it. I think if it fits( north and south lofts are A frame) that I could put medical stuff in it and take the bookcase that I have been using to the east loft where I have bedroom/sewing room and over flow of books.

I have 4 black trash bags ready for donation. We will do donation on Tuesday that are NOT appts days. 

Hubby got the wood that was delivered in the wood shed and then cut up more wood that E had dragged out of woods and up to our wood shed for us. He still have a lot more to cut and split. We have 1 cord of wood left in the barn for this year's wood. We can always use what is in the wood shed but we are hoping we don't have to use much of it.Hubby would like 2 yrs of wood cut by Sept. That is 18 to 20 cords of wood... That is twice what our wood shed will hold so he is definitely planning on using the 1st stall of the back of the barn for wood. I told him that should be spring/ fall wood, stuff that we don't need a long or hot fire due how cold it doesn't get. Keep the more solid stuff for winter. When the winds go above 20 mph, we burn through the wood more than normal winds. 

I best get around. We have to leave at 7:30 and I need to get laundry done first

Prayers for Sanity 

Blessed be


  1. I do hope March is warmer than usual. Of course, here the weather is tolerable anyway in March. Mites get in boxes? Where do theycome from? I know roaches like boxes, so I try not to use those. I do like rubber bins. I wish I had more shelves.

  2. I agree shelving is the way to go. I can't store in cardboard either.