Monday, February 19, 2024

What a week

 At least I got snuggles from Charlotte. 

Son 2 lost a good friend of decades in a car accident last night. 

The guys we bought wood from before called to let us know they got timber in and was cutting again. Trying to finish paying their dad's medical bills off from his heart attack. He definitely now has medigap insurance and has learned Medicare doesn't pay for everything 100%. I talked Hubby into ordered 4 cords, delivered and let them know we don't need it for the stove now. They had 2 cords delivered in 3 hrs.Had their boys home from college so put them to work. Hubby is stacking those 2 cords in the wood shed. 

I filled the inside racks with wood and then the extra racks with more wood and swept the floors 3 times to clean up all the little bark that fell off. 

Got laundry washed and on line, dried and put away. Ran dishwasher this morning as Hubby forgot and I thought he was turning it on. Put all that away and reloaded for after dinner. Cleaned the 3 frigs. 

We saved $17 on fuel using Kroger's fresh mode points. They are no longer doing fresh mode in our area after this month. I'm not going to miss it except for the fuel discount. 

We saved $54  on Hubby's meds using Good Rx Gold and moving the script to Rite Aid over CVS.  We have now saved enough to have paid for the membership.

Our medigap insurance covered 20% of 3 bills.. Not enough to cover the monthly fee (YET).

I am going to Walmart for some things that the local Save A Lot does not carry. Hubby has appt for his hearing aids a mile away so he is dropping me off to do the shopping while he is at the appt.Saves fuel.

Any savings at your home?

Prayers for sanity 

Blessed be



  1. Medicare 'everything' is so so confusing. I'm trying to glean information from you and other bloggers that talk about it. I have a few years yet but it seems I may need all these years to learn. LOL. As for groceries - Haven't been to the grocery store (or any store) since November 2023. We've been 100% food storage and what we had/have on hand. Tonight's dinner is chili and homemade garlic bread.

  2. An local agent to help us chose between Medicare and Medicare Advantage made the statement of only having almost $9000 out of pocket (not including paying for the policy of $400 a month (based on our income) was great. I asked her if she was crazy. That was almost $14000 a year with having no insurance if we were out of the coverage area. GEEZE. We did get Medigap from AARP.. Our doctors all said we had really good coverage with just the Medicare and the Medigap.

  3. I have original Medicare and Medicaid and refuse to go with all the plans. But, our situations are different.

  4. Two happy faces!

    When I first had Medicare, I went to senior center to see what plan I needed to get. I had such low income that Medicaid is all I have in addition to Medicare. I tried United Healthcare and it was a disaster to use. So, I am back to original Medicare.