Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eat from the Pantry challenge catch up

This is a "catch-up" from the last few days since I've been down sick.
Day 6th of challenge Wed we had stuffed pasta shells with homemade red sauce with tons of veggies in the sauce.Used up several items out of pantry and frig.
Day 7 Thursday we have enchiladas from the pantry,freezer and frig.
Day 8. I had soup and grilled cheese for lunch since I was sick but hubby brought home subs ( our youngest bought them for us) for dinner.
Day 9 which is today ,we will have leftover enchiladas for lunch and loaded potato soup and grilled cheese and peppers for dinner.Hubby bought me lemon lime soda so that's $1.50 out of the $41.56 we have left for the month for food. That's okay, it really doesn't look like we will need anything except milk before the 3rd of next month anyways.
have a blessed day

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