Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hello, I am awake. LOL I have been on the couch sick for the last few days.Couldn't even focus to be on the computer or hardly read.Two of the things that tells hubby just how sick I am along with sleeping every time he turned around.

The house has went south in a handbasket.

Except for last night, we have eaten from the pantry the whole time. Yesterday since I was sick, Hubby after working the night shift, got to take the youngest to get her wisdom teeth cut out( her hubby couldn't take her due to work), by time they drove 3 hrs to get there, spent 2 hrs getting them out and drove 3 hrs back, then hubby had to "sit " with her until her hubby got home from work.She bought us subs to eat when he got home.

We lost the refrigerator in the garage the other day.Luckliy I caught it and got the stuff out of the freezer into the old deep freezer that is suppose to be going to my oldest daughter.I still have stuff in the refrigerator part but am focused on getting what is in the house used up so we can bring it in.Loading everything up with veggies so we don't lose them.Now if I can figure out what to do with all the cream cheese and sour cream.

Have a blessed day.

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