Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This weeks goals

harvest green beans
harvest cauliflower
harvest cabbage
harvest tomatoes
harvest green onions
harvest several herbs
start planting for fall and winter crops.
refill north east sq ft with fresh dirt.

zucchini (bought at auction)
yellow squash (bought at auction)
pickles (bought at auction)
beets(bought at auction)

Joann fabrics to use coupons ...needles for the sewing machine for sure.
store for milk, dog food, and soda pop, paper plates and forks for the cake for my older daughter's wedding. Going to get a little bit each week.

Fix daughter's veil to comb so if she decided on a veil she can have it available. We have had the veil for 16 yrs in storage on a headband. I have 2 combs that would be more to what she wants now if she decides to wear the veil.
Hem my own dress for the wedding.
Cut out an apron and sew it.

tape craft/sewing room
primer craft/sewing room
paint craft/sewing room
set up craft/sewing room

Blog goals
post goals for the week
post accomplishments of the week
post frugal choices of the week.

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