Tuesday, July 7, 2015

what I did that was frugal

Used my coupons for Joann's fabric for 20% off.

Went to Scioto Valley produce auction.  Forgetting to load the 36 pints of black raspberries and going back to get them was not frugal (2 hr round trip) Still with adding the extra gas we saved close to $200 on produce for the storage.

Used discount along with sale to get new undergarments for myself.

Reloaded Skype so I can "visit" with grandkids and friends. I had it but had to dump my computer due to glitch and just now reloaded it.

I started inventorying my pantry to see what is needed for this fall/winter.

We are trying to get away from shopping every week except when we can get double gas pts. (until Aug 2) and away from food that has chemicals etc.

I am close to having all the veggies we need for the winter, just need green beans for the freezer, my pole beans are blooming so I am hopeful for that. I need corn and winter squash. I get my winter squash from Scioto Valley produce auction or Wishing Well farm.

We will be eating from the pantry this week.

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  1. I'm interested to see your year round garden! I live in Ohio, too and am intrigued by the possibility of fresh greens all year! Also. Thanks for the heads up on produce auctions. I had never heard of them before, but may hit the next one.