Monday, January 29, 2018

update on 209

Okay , this picture shows where the 2 front doors are. Hubby doesn't have the 2 front porches on this but they are at the front doors. The door in the green room is the back door. We will be installing the French doors in the yellow room(kitchen) and then the deck by the end of summer if not sooner.The area on the front of the house were the double windows are do not have a porch.

The deadline we have given ourselves to be moved completely to 209 is Sept 6th. Our landlord doesn't care if we go pass that date and as long as we give him 30 days notice of us being completely out he is fine.That's the date were we will start stressing of making double payments of rent and mortgage. Can you tell we have done this before?

We have changed the laundry room(green room) to be in the closet (top left sliver mist room) and we will put Baby (7cf chest freezer) in the mudroom which is what we are calling the green room ...the colors of the rooms will be flipped to the closet being lime green and the mudroom silver mist. I plan to put a door in the closet where the window is because the clothes line is right there in a couple years.. You can barely see the top of the window in this layout in that room. I would rather have my laundry in the closet where I can immediately put clothes away than at the door where everyone comes in and out. Also it's easier to clean the dryer vent with it in the closet as it will go directly through the wall of the house and NOT through the crawl space and thourgh the foundation.Less chance of wind freezing pipes also due to air from vent coming in.

Our mortgage guy, Rex called Friday morning and asked us to connect with contractor,Charlie and finalize the items for the house. Rex is at step 4 which needs the final bids. This is about 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

Got a hold of Charlie,our contractor, who was stressing a little until I made it clear that  we understood he probably wouldn't be able to start early but we had things we could to that would help him like remove the line closet where the bathroom door needs to be widened and remove the shelves where the wheelchair shower will be.SO we are meeting this week to finalize the items to keep the FHA loan moving along. The more we pay cash for, the less we will owe on the loan so the less we will pay in interest.

ON the frugal side, we bought part of the general paint supplies, the track lighting for over the kitchen sink, a double shower rod for the orange bathroom, a 3 arm rack for the kitchen sink dish cloths, 2 entry rugs for the porches, 4 new exterior door hands with dead bolts to put on AFTER the work is done and a Keysafe so we don't have to be there to let workers in at Menards with 11% rebate.

I have bookmarked items on sale at Home Depot that  I want as soon as we meet with Charlie to make sure he can't get them cheaper as that sale goes off first part of March so I will order them if I need to.

We started pulling items we have stored from houses we have lived in so we are "saving" the money
So far we have found for the kitchen... 8 light chandelier (actually I have it hanging above me right now as we took down the ceiling fan that was there) saving $217.80 and a 3 light hanging pot rack savings $398.99. We have found a wooden medicine cabinet for orange bathroom saving$44.98 and a white medicine cabinet (needs a bit of work of fixing door to stay shut) saving $39.99 for WC bath (WC stands for wheelchair). Add the 7.5 % tax we pay that's a savings of $1,070.44

The only piece of furniture I know for sure we will be buying is a recliner  for Hubby.

I will continue to shop Habitat for Restore, Goodwill and auctions. I wished it was yardsale season LOL

Blessed Be


  1. I have to say your house looks absolutely huge! How does it compare size-wise to your current rental?

  2. The Open floor plan really makes it look huge until you start placing things like Kitchen cabinets etc in it.The layout is only the first floor...what was the attics is now 3 bedrooms and a half finished bedroom at 1028 sq ft.The downstairs is 2272 sq ft...the open floor plan makes it look bigger. It's actually about the same size sq ft size. The 3 bedrooms upstairs are a lot smaller (expected when made out of the attics) but the downstairs rooms are a lot bigger. Since the downstairs is where we will be through our senior years (HA HA), the smaller bedrooms up don't bother us much. I already have gotten rid of bedroom furniture from the upstairs here.

  3. So roughly 3300 square feet. That is still huge to me. :D My biggest home was 1700 sq. feet and since husband and I are retired empty nesters it was too big for us. We are now in an 1100 square foot, two bedroom, retirement home.

    But just think of the pantry space you are going to have, girl. ;D

    What will you do with all those upstairs bedrooms?

  4. We went from close to 4000 sq ft plus 2 1/2 car garage with full loft. To 1200 sq ft with only a 8 x 8 shed then to a 800 sq ft with a 1 car garage (and 3 15x20 storage units as we still had everything). Then here LOL which is closet to the same as we are buying. Here we have a 1 1/2 car garage plus a farrowing house which is about 20X30 storage (furniture needing redone and Daughter 2 household stuff) with the landlord using about half it also.

    Two of the upstairs rooms will be guest rooms ad we do have family and friends that can come visit and not have to worry about getting a place to stay. A 3rd one will be my craft/sewing room. The other small one might be my dry storage for boxed items and paper goods that I don't want to store in the basementas I am not sure how dry that basement is. There is 1200 sq ft of basement under the one side of the house. Probably about half of it will go to 2 furnaces, hot water and water softener (not sure if we need that or not but added it in as worse case). That would give me what I have here but nothing for the dry goods I keep in the butler's pantry here ...that's something I will have to figure out. I don't have attic storage here so it's not an issue with moving. We haven't measured the barn and I hope the wood shed is good enough to repair for a garden shed for my gardening garage unless we convert some of the barn