Friday, February 2, 2018

Jan grocery budget results.

The tracker I uses goes for Jan 1st to the 31st. So even though we only get paid once a month around the 15th. We will be running the grocery budget by month  instead of half months.

I set the budget for Jan at $420  with the goal to come in closer to $250.

Shelf costs of food bought       $437.19

coupons                                    $ 14.13

discounts                                  $194.55

total savings                            $208.68 (47.73 %)

Out of pocket                         $228.51

30 % is fresh produce, 50 % is dairy and the other 15% is a mix of ingredients for special meals,5 % junk food as I also bought Daughter 2 pepsi since it was on sale.

Out of this  amount I spent in Jan ,$160 I just spent the 31st for the month of Feb.

SO I decided to set Feb budget for $250.

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  1. You did great! Lately I have been wanting to increase our $250 budget just because I get tired of pinching the pennies but we do not need to so I am going to hold it where it is and keep working on saving.