Wednesday, December 18, 2019

not even a week... pantry update.

I sent Hubby down to get a pound of the unsalted butter and he came back up with his Hard cider (forgot the butter)and asked where I put the food from the black refrigerator ....we ate it or I took it to the Christmas party and I froze the prime rib. The eggs were behind the prime rib roast.

Now it looks like this

The citrus is now in the bottom drawer.  The veggies have been ate, what cheese was left after the Christmas party is now in the other refrigerator drawer combining all the cheese. The brown sacks are mushrooms, they last longer in a paper bag. These didn't have a chance as four of the bags went in the cauliflower stuffing(dressing),half on the 5th one went in a casserole. What is left is in the hole that was in the kitchen refrigerator.I will be going without fresh mushrooms until Jan.

 The prime rib roast is now 3 smaller roasts, 4 steaks and 4 meals of shaved rib roast for philly steak pizza, philly steak subs and two stir fries and in the barn freezer.

That is beef scraps and broth on the top shelf from me dealing with the prime rib. That's on the to do list for tomorrow so by tomorrow that shelf will also be empty.

I had a good hole in the barn freezer but since we brought home a ham bone with enough meat to make to good meals and the broth and put the prime rib in it.  My hole is small again. I could get about 6 lbs of meat in it.

Normally I would be looking to fill in the empty spots in this frig but I know this coming week there will be lots of cooking so I will need places to put the leftovers.  Also I want to get the gray refrigerator down so I can transfer most of the stuff to the black on as the gray one is the one that has issues with freezing up and shutting down about once a year.

I have realized I under estimated how much dishwasher soap and dish soap I would need since I am cooking from the pantry. Two to three times with the dishwasher and at least one load of the big pans in the mudroom sink.It has one huge bowl so it's easier to wash big stuff in it.

Time to fix supper.. leftovers tonight


  1. I'm always impressed that your stored produce gets used up without going bad. I assume it's from a lifetime of experience with storing it. I have purchased, then thrown away enough produce to feed a small country.

    But I really love sending your husband for butter and him returning with hard cider. Hilarious. Be sure to tell that one at Christmas dinner.

    1. I facebooked the kids and his parents.
      RealSimple has a good list of how long produce can last. We eat what goes bad fastest first. I also will not buy passed 5 days unless it's something I know will be decent then.

  2. Replies
    1. I can send him to the store and he will get exactly what is one the list. Send him to the pantry and he wanders around like a kid in a candy shop