Wednesday, March 18, 2020

daily life during a pandemic

keep a schedule. get up at a set time, eat meals at a set time, go to bed at a set time... DO NOT DRIFT through the days. It's not a vacation.

Plan daily chores, cleaning needs to be done daily in the bathrooms and kitchen and where ever you are just hanging out. Wipe remotes and PHONES.

Plan an enjoyable activity... game, movie, get outside in the yard (not with a group of people over 10.)

Fix snacks... limit how much they  or yourself can have.

Plan physical activities especially for children... if you just sit around you won't sleep well which means your mind will worry about what you can not control.

Focus on what you CAN control... look up new recipes that will stretch your food or find substitutes for what you are out of. I get at least one text a week asking what to replace what with.


  1. I just wish the sun would come out and there weather would turn nice,

  2. We have lived like this since hubby's forced retirement. It keeps us sane.

  3. I stay sane as long as Hubby or one of the kids who are NOT in this home don't through me out of routine like they did this morning.