Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Can anything else need replaced or fixed?


Water softener was checked out this morning. Nothing wrong with it , white flakes coming from ice maker in frig is what our water ions are showing up. UNLESS we want to pay for osmosis system and move where the water softener is at... white flakes will be wiped up daily. Salt level was on the low side due to the fact we don't use the average amount of water. They went ahead and ran ALL the tests on the water. They do it every 2 yrs which will be Aug. Figured since there was a trip fee they would do that so they don't have to come back in Aug.

The new to us truck needs some work done on it. Our mechanic said  to schedule it before fall and he would take payments...which means it's over $300.

My sturdy baking sheets are starting to have rust on them. SIGH. Can't complain as they are over 25 yrs old and I know my kids (and probably Hubby) have cut things in the pans. I found a good deal that got better when I was offered 10% off

The rubber maid we store dog food in, now has a family of mice. 52 lbs of dog food wasted along with a rubber maid that we used to haul stuff in the bed of the trucks.

Two of E's work horses got loose while they were at church yesterday. We finally got them to the barn. OUR GATE had broke in the wind and that was how they got out. That's another bill.

This MORNING Molly (one of E's horses that pastures on the other side of us and uses our pond for water) decided she wanted to be in the yard with Charlotte... now I have a broken wire fence, Hubby rigged it and E is coming over tomorrow to install barb wire to keep horse out of yard and dog in the yard. But we know we need to replace that section with new fence as it's the original fence that was here.

Since it was freezing this morning *OHIO* and then suppose to be up almost to the 80s by next week. I decided against planting any more cool weather crops. I will try to get some in late summer early fall.

I will divide my bean seeds by 3. Beans are usually good 4 yrs so to make sure I have seeds 3 yrs from now I am dividing them up.I will try to gather some so I can more to plant year 4.

We had taco casserole, using stale tortilla chips (refreshed in micro wave) taco meat using homemade seasoning, and cheese. Salad and sour cream were options.

I then put 3 more meals of taco meat in freezer in a container that can go in microwave.

We had a ground pork with 5 spice seasoning that we both hated. We finished it by mixing it with eggs for a frittia.. still disliked it but didn't go to waste.

I made Philly steak cheese pizza using left over prime rib from Christmas that I shaved on my meat slices, onions and mushrooms and cheese on homemade pizza dough. Made a second pizza crust and prebaked it and shoved in freezer. Can be for taco pizza or regular pizza later this week.

Tonight is turkey (1 Lb  bag that was cooked and frozen couple months ago), since I was chitting (cutting the eye sections of potatoes to plant in a couple days) the Yukon gold potatoes I ended up with a small pan full of pieces that had no eyes. They are now half way cooked so I can pan fry them to go with the turkey. A veggie and fruit to round it out.

Tomorrow as the plants in front of the grill should be IN the garden we will have GRILLED steak (cut from prime rib roast at Christmas before baking) baked potatoes and salad.

How is your week going?
Blessed Be


  1. I can sympathize with the succession of breakdowns. We've all been there. Nothing has broken at our house this week, but the cycle will return here, of course.

    I can't help thinking your grown children must think you're the smartest woman in America since this pandemic started.

    1. thanks for the laugh. The kids just call me mom's grocery store LOL

  2. Nothing breaking here right now, but you never know when it will happen.
    But it’s rainy and 48, very odd weather for May in Oklahoma

    1. I know we had freezing this morning and frost warning for tomorrow. I remember Mother and Daddy talking about a freeze in June when they were first married

  3. That is how I feel sometimes, does everything have to break at once?

  4. Juls, you jinxed me. I just finished my comment to you about how nothing has broken around here in awhile, then walked out to the washer, and it was leaking all over the garage.

    I'm blaming you for putting bad thoughts into my head. :D

    1. I really thought my clothes washer being broke too care of everyone else's LOL...Mine won't stop running water in it and you now longer need to touch the on button to turn it on, just touch the knob for what cycle. We have a lever on the water supply so I can turn it off that way. Our repairman isn't doing any repairs that are not emergency until June

    2. My washer did that once. It was a simple part to replace. call company, explain problem, and they can send the part IF you have someone to install it. I did not. If you can turn Off the water and can use it--Great.