Saturday, May 16, 2020

I should not have asked

what else could break and need fixed or replaced.

weed trimmer head fell off.

push mower quit running

So the grass is going to look rough with trimming not being done.

The hot air  now blows on the drivers side in the chevy when you turn on the AC while the passenger side gets cold air.

Hubby spent 2 hrs yesterday putting together one box for the garden. He had to make a stand so he had something to hold the boards while he nailed. I asked why he didn't use the screws we just bought for it... blank look back to me as he admitted he forgot to go to the machine shop and get them.

I fell... okay I fall a lot as I have a twisted spine on top of cerebral palsy.  My limbs do not always do what my mind tells them to do.. I compare them to a 2 yr old.

But this time, I was hanging Hubby's bibs over the drying rack and noticed the knees weren't as clean as I wanted them to be so I was taking them back to the washer.

I KNOW Rascal lays here all the time.

so instead of watching where I was walking I fell on him. He's okay. I did land a bit on his bad leg  so he limped a bit more but by supper he was back to four legs

I, on the other hand, have a bashed right knee that is bruised and aching and

a hairline fracture between the wrist and little finger...SIGH.AKA boxer fracture. LOLOLOL.    I am surprised it wasn't shattered, so my bone meds must be working.It's new fangled splint, part plaster.

This morning I woke up to this

Since Hubby was already gone to an auction over in Holmes co. I called the ER and asked ... they had me take off the top wrap and keep moving my fingers and keep my hand up above my heart when I can.

Its has been almost 3 hrs and they are close to be normal.

I am going to sort plants this afternoon ,Urgent care told me to cover the hand with a trash bag when in dirt or tub. I have to have a follow up with the orthopedic which is hard to get an appt during this time. Urgent care did say it would probably be healed before I got in. Which the nearest date I can see the actual doctor is in June in 3 wks. I did get a return message from my ortho doc office to call Monday morning at 8:15 ish and they would see if they could get a PA to come in to check it.

On the good news side. Hubby decided after he paid all the business bills for this month and half of next month that he wanted to buy something for our 25th anniversary which was in Feb. ....he wanted new dishes... yes really. We have Corelle, white was bought when we got married, I added Iris pattern on our 10th anniversary. . They have slight chips in them. I also have an Asian style stoneware we use  that has chips in it. He wanted all off them replaced.

I got these from Oneida on sale  with discount. They are already in. Hubby loves the cups as he can get his hand in the handle.These are stoneware. They are the reverse of the colors I am replacing.

I then went to Corelle and ordered the following

Plain white: 2 - 10 inch plates/2- 8 inch plates/4 cereal bowls/ 2 coffee cups/ 2 appetizer plates and 1 appetizer tray

frost pattern :2 - 10 inch plates/2- 8 inch plates/ 2 appetizer plates and 1 appetizer tray

Iris pattern:2 - 10 inch plates/2- 8 inch plates/ 2 appetizer plates and 1 appetizer

Bandhani pattern: on clearance 2-10 inch plates... it's red band around the plate and will go well with the rest and good for red white and blue(dining room is blue and white woodwork) or Christmas.

The white and the iris replaces exactly what we have.
I only ordered 2 instead of set of 4 as it's only the two of us. If we have a couple come in to eat,  the patterns will work together. If the girls come in and bring kids we use paper plates.

My granddaughter Becka that just graduated.
asked for the dishes even if chipped as she is getting her own place come fall and has nothing. Guess hope chests are out of fashion. Her mother is trying to talk her into living with her for a year (she lives with her dad and step mom ) and just focus on college. Instead of trying to work full time and go to college.She definitely won't be staying with her dad as he constantly condemns us... until my granddaughter pointed out he would have not had his diploma if it had not been for us and his parents encouraged him to quit school  and it showed how stupid he could be by slamming us because we are of a different faith (same one we were when he married our daughter in our church). She said it at his parents house family dinner where two of her dad's uncles are good friends(one is a cop) of mine and my late husband.Nothing like getting a lecture from your uncle that verbal abuse is still abused while the other uncle who works for a funeral home pointed out that we paid for his other daughter's funeral when his parents said she didn't exist in GOD's eye because she had not been baptized... she died at birth and they didn't even attend the funeral. OH YEAH, she is her mother's child.

This is our grandson that graduated.

 Skyler is going into the Army, constantly says he wants to be like his uncle (son 2). He is a lot like Son 2 in personality.He will continue his education as he can. He like law a lot

Time to prop arm up to above heart level...

Blessed be


  1. It looks like from the picture that your grandson had a regular graduation. Around here the schools aren't allowed to hold graduation services because of the pandemic.

    1. no, he was at his brother's wedding right before this hit. Decided against having a senior pic taken. He got his diploma in the mail. Becka got got walk across the stage and get hers. Took her school 7 days but they had every single senior come one at a time to wear their cap and gown and walk across the stage to get their diploma

  2. I am so sorry that is the pits. But you do have gorgeous grandkids. Don't ask yourself can anything else break?

  3. 1. We don't have any dogs but we have a cat we trip over with some regularity. He will wind between our feet, especially near mealtime. And, being in our 70s, we are less sturdy on our pins.
    2. If you don't quit showing up at the ER, the fuzz is going to come and get your husband one of these days. :D
    3. My, also handsome, grandson is also named Skyler.
    4. Aren't in-laws fun? My two DILs were certainly not what I expected them to be. Neither could remember the many gifts and favors we did for them. But they sure remembered anything I did that they didn't think was right. Sigh!

    1. That is too bad about the fall. That is one reason I do not have animals in the house, ever. Cute kids.

  4. I'm very sorry about your wrist. I recently went through almost a month where mine was sprained or something (they never quite figured out what it was, just that it wasn't broken) and frankly, it was hard. It was much harder to sit and be quiet than to put up with the pain. Try not to over-do (trust me, I know how hard that is) with all the gardening and things that need doing this time of year.

    You are not the only one who falls on occasion. A few months ago, I slipped on the dog blanket. My feet went right out from under me and I ended up flat on my back. My husband was very concerned, but cannot move quickly and couldn't even get out of bed to come help at that moment. My daughter was in the help there. My nephew (special needs) was sitting in the same room playing. After I just laid there for some time, trying to figure out if I was hurt (I wasn't), he just kept playing. Finally, a little voice said, "Aunt Becky? ......When you do that, it's just WEIRD!" I agreed it was as I stared up at the ceiling for a moment more, started laughing my head off, decided it was up to me to figure myself out, got up, and was fine.....thank goodness!

    Hang in there.

  5. Please do not give chipped china to anyone to use. It is toxic.

    Sorry about the fracture. Be careful.

    1. old dishes are toxic due to lead paint. WHat I have doesn't have lead paint. Queen Elizabeth feeds her dogs off the chip plates LOL