Friday, May 1, 2020

to Hades in a handbasket.

Laundry is done, dishes put away , grow lights are on. Chose what plants will go out to be hardened off starting today.

Was going out to start sitting up to paint the garden boxes when the rain started. So that's off the list until this afternoon. Not going to plant in the rain, not bad for the plants but the last thing I need is a cold from a cold wet rain.

So thought I would go up to the office where I set my sewing machine up and sew masks..


Hubby is half way across the state and got the call the 115,000 tons of gravel will be coming in TODAY IN ONE HOUR.

Nothing had been moved as they said they would call the day before. SO I had to go out and clear areas for it to be dumped as it can't be tailgated due to the trailers being in the way. I had to pull the chevy and jeep into the yard, hope they don't get stuck because it's pretty soggy in the yard.

 Thankful it's not the whole order of 250,000 tons. I was a little upset Hubby didn't order it all at once but after he got off the phone he said he wanted to fill in the hard areas they can't tailgate it (where they dump out the tailgate while they drive) before he had the rest brought in case he needed MORE than we thought since we are adding 2 parking areas for trailers and more around the barn perimeter and then widening the lane which is over 300 ft long.

SO I swished and swiped both bathrooms.

Now it's sit and wait.This is when I wished I had thought to make a sewing area on the first floor.

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