Friday, May 1, 2020

May 1st

ER follow up with GI doctor isn't until May 6th and on the phone then.

I still am trying to get a hold of my family doctor. I was told by a mutual friend that they thought there was a family emergency out of state. Which closes his office as his wife is his nurse and receptionist.

It's a good thing I am staying at home... ER Doctor called that the only test result not back was the Covid 19 but since my lungs are clear and my bloodwork was good he is looking at me testing negative. For me to continue staying at home, wearing my mask and gloves when out. I am wearing my mask while making masks and then washing in hot water and drying in hot dryer and then with gloves and mask on putting them in a plastic bag to mail and then Son 2 will dump them directly into washer and rewash as he doesn't like the smell of my laundry soap LOL.

The masks are cut waiting to be sewn.I was just sewing for Son 2 but he caught wind that Daughter 4 now needs them also to go to work as her company only bring back who has their own face coverings.

My washer is acting up... mother board is doing weird things. Will get a hold of Maytag to see if this is under warranty. Either way I can't get it fixed until I have my test results back.

The is now 8 raspberry bushes, 125 strawberries, 6 trees and 8 grapevines sitting on my porch to be planted. OF course they came in when Hubby will be working the next 2 days. Going to be a couple late nights for him.

I have to finish painting the sq ft boxes so Hubby can put them together.

There is 10 lbs of potatoes to plant.

There is over 5 dozen tomato plants to start hardening off

There is 9 Brussels Sprouts to start hardening off

There is 6 apple mint and 3 rosemary plants to start hardening off

There is 3 dozen seedling (assorted veggies ) to be transplanted.

I have seeds that need planted.

I have to build 3 trellises

There are another 150 onions to plant because I marked can substitute on the order form when I ordered SETS instead of plants ( I wanted sets for fall planting)

Asparagus is coming in. I canned 5 pints of dill pickled asparagus and blanched enough to cover a cookie sheet and freeze it. I will vacuum seal it today. Probably going to be harvesting asparagus daily for the next 3 weeks.

The Amish produce auction is working with the Health dept on how to open back up.

What's on your to do list?

Dust bunnies are breeding here


  1. You need a clone. Maybe two.

    1. If I let you have six, you'd just buy 20 more acres and work them all to death. :)

    2. oh no... I talked Hubby down to 5 as he was looking at 100, then 50 then 25 then 20 then 10. This way E cash rents the 3 behind the barn and we don't have to worry about maintaining it, dealing with fencing etc. Since the house, barn and pond take 1/2 acre that leaves 1 1/2 ares to do something with. JUST ENOUGH.

  2. Ok Julie, you sure got handed a big lot of jobs that need your attention like 'right now'. Keep on keeping yourself safe and hope you feel better each day too.

    1. oh yeah... Hubby starting to pick up hauling jobs and if the health dept can figure out a way for the Amish to have their produce auction he will be working twice a week there.

  3. No dust bunnies, just dust dinosaurs. Wow, you have a lot of plants to put in. Harvests will be plentiful. I love everything you have. I hope your test is negative.