Thursday, June 11, 2020

South gardens

These will get watered every 3-4 day depending on rain fall. I am looking at drip lines or PVC piping when I put it in.

This is the annual plantings. I do have a herb that will stay in this area. 

what is not showing is 16 grow bags (25 qrt) of sweet potato plants...they would be to the left of this picture along with 2 patches of sweet corn. I tried 3 varieties this year to see if we could find one we liked for the freezer. I don't want a small kernel for my freezer corn. If none of these work I will grow the "canning" corn that the Amish grow for canning (they use white or bicolor for sweet corn eating) for my freezer corn next year.

I companion plant. There are a lot of runner beans for dried beans between the 50 some tomato plants. There are also bush beans for dried beans in there also.

These "big" boxes are just under 12 inches deep. 

This is the herbs that will remain in this garden. I have some chives and garlic chives I will move from the north garden over to this area next spring. 

My Brussels sprouts have taken off with this last rain... you can see the unpainted box (treated lumber leftover from house remodel) that has the red candy onions and petunias 

Grow bags are potatoes, there are 3 varieties we bought and 2 varieties of what sprouted in the pantry so I planted them.
the unpainted box on this side has white candy onions and petunias. The big box has the same as the other one, tomatoes, Brussels, lettuce, carrots, radishes, spinach etc. The lettuce is about done, maybe with luck and this cooler weather I will get enough for another 10 days. The storm we got yesterday blew all the dirt out of the pot I have planted the next lettuce batch in... and it was on the north side of the house in a protected area.