Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Menu Monday, Frugal Choices.


I sat down Sunday night and made the menu. We then decided to freeze the Brussels sprouts so I figured I would pull out the last roasting chicken this morning to make room for the sprouts.

There was 2 roasting chickens. I think one was Son 2's as its smaller than I buy. I told Hubby I was roasting both. They will take less room with the bones out of them and I can make the pot pie and a pot of soup from the birds after a meal of roasted chicken. They are in the downstairs frig thawing.  SO a change in the menu already.

I am definitely ready to be done with the green tomatoes. What ever is left after I can another 16 pints is going to be left to turn red... if they don't turn, sometimes paste tomatoes don't, then they can just go to the compost. No one else wants them.

I called Hubby's finance guy (since we now each have one) and asked it we could meet with him on the same day I have an appt within his area. He is two hours from us so this would save us a lot of time and money if he can. They are doing appt only and he was at an appt outside the office so we have to wait until the secretary gets a hold of him to find out. JUST an update, they decided due to our age and my surgery pending that we would do a phone conference. They offered ZOOM but we don't have that good of internet here for that. 

I've hung clothes on the drying rack and clothes line. 

Hubby went to the store for milk and heavy cream and brought home rolls and French bread that had been marked down. He felt since I couldn't bend over due to back injections that I didn't need to worry about making bread. They were priced lower than my cost of making them would have been.

I put the clean oil lamp wicks I used last year in the windows again to stuff in the windows were there was a draft. Hubby turned the ceiling fans to rotate the other way for winter. I closed the ceiling vent in the front room so heat would not go up to that loft and put a heavy curtain in the stairway to stop heat from going up that way. 

Hubby went out and worked on replacing the old fence. He now has the south section done completely. That leaves the east section. He also mowed the yard mulching the leaves as he went. Two for one.

I used the leftover apple tomato soup to make sauce (added homemade sauce) and made pasta for supper along with meatballs that I made and froze. Sliced some of the French bread and made it into garlic bread.

I paid all our bills that was in or on auto pay (deducted, I just will check to make sure they go through). We have 1 bill still out, that is electric. Our propane company called as we had a winter fill at this time last year and asked if we needed propane... it's fine I have been turning temp down during the day and when we are gone. So that helps. PLUS Hubby got some air gaps closed up so that helps also.

Back to work for me as I am now taking the brussels sprouts down and freezing them 


  1. A few months back I found I was to have a conference with a specialist. I thought it was to be by phone but she wanted to be able to see me on line. I was embarrassed to tell her that I had, not a clue, how to do that. She spent the first 15 minutes trying to figure out how to get me on line to watch. Then I realized I had not done my hair or any makeup and I looked like an ancient hag. Sigh.

    1. our internet is not up to that plus one of the local schools got their zoom hacked so Hubby definitely isn't going for it. Our primary is okay with Teladoc,Facetime or sending photos through cell phones or email

  2. The menu is always evolving here, too. I write mine on a calendar so if we do not use a meal I just move it down in the month. I had a jar of marinara sauce fall off a shelf and the seal popped open so lasagna went on our menu last minute and that is two meals for us even though the recipe says it is for two servings.

    So we were curious if the Amish vote? I told Hubby I would ask my Amish expert!

    1. no they do not do anything with politics. They do pay property taxes but not anything to the IRS. They do not get social security or any health insurance either. I have heard several comments about how old the presidents are and don't even have their elders running the farms let alone a country LOL

  3. You two are so busy, I would love to see your place.

  4. Here's hoping your back calms down for you! It's hard to do anything when everything hurts:(. I'm sorry. (I read a few back posts all at once, which is why I'm mentioning that now)

    I'm glad your daughter's treatment has started, even though it's difficult. It means she's on her way to recovery. I'm glad you can alleviate her worry over money during this time.

    I wrote a menu for the first time in a while this week. Because I usually just grab whatever's ripe in the garden, or in front of the freezer, our meals have been uninspiring, to say the least. Now that I have time, because the canning is done, I have been mixing things up a bit, and adding more variety to the meals. We are all enjoying it. As much as my husband and I like vegetable soup, several nights or lunches in a row, several weeks at a time......well, just sayin', variety is nice:)

    I'm glad your food preservation is almost finished, as well. I really enjoy doing it, but it's always nice to finish and just bask in the full shelves and freezers for a little while before I get busy planning the best ways to use it all up:). I have know people who can it all and won't let anyone touch it for a long time. That's not me. Or you, either.

    Have a great week!

  5. It sounds like you are getting the place warmer for this winter. I hope you can find someone to take green tomatoes. Have you ever heard of using green tomatoes in a pie?

    1. green tomato pie, pizza, chili, bread. I think Daughter 4 said she had a list of over 50 dishes using it.