Sunday, December 5, 2021

Hum? Is this frugal?

 I had the menu planned from the pantry and freezers....

Monday: Hubby comes home with gas station pizza... I'm like what gives? 

Amish bought it for him for doing extra work for him at the last minute. 

So I add our salad from the garden ,Little E knocks on the door. He had a small jello type dessert from M. 

Tuesday we had doctor appts so we ate out for a late lunch and brought home leftovers for Wed. Had Popcorn for a snack since neither of us was hungry

Wednesday Hubby calls and tells me to NOT cook or warm up leftovers. SIGH. Mennonite he hauls for gave him calzones and cheesy bread. So I added salad again and the last of the dessert M had sent over.

Thursday was leftovers of the take out. I added pickles and cottage cheese.

Friday was the leftovers of the calzones. Salad and pickles. 

Saturday was Brat patties for lunch and Hamburger pie aka Shepherds pie for supper. 

Sunday is leftover mashed potatoes and leftover noodles (from freezer) 

I need to focus to get the freezers down enough to get prime rib in it as it looks like neither one of the sons' is going to be up to help eat it. 

I was a little frustrated not to eat much out of the freezers but thankful for the free food


  1. Free food and not having to cook! Sounds good to me!

  2. Mixed blessings. I too need to get things out to prepare room for my Christmas dishes.

  3. These days free food is a blessing for sure but when it rains it pours I guess. We will be just two for Christmas dinner but we usually make a spiral ham. I think I will just take off a section of slices and wrap them in foil to heat in the oven alongside the other baked dishes.

  4. Free food is great! I think frozen food takes up less room when it goes back into the freezer. So, I would cook stuff with the plan to put most of it back in the freezer.

    Oh, the Hormel Roast Beef is NOT on the recall list, just Crider products which includes Armour, which I bought only once last year. Did you buy Armour?

  5. We are not eating as much from our freezers either. Gifts of food or leftovers. I have until June to make room in both freezers for our beef and pork.