Friday, December 3, 2021

The laugh is mine

 The financial company that I use for my IRA sent a generic financial form, something they do every Dec.

Every time I hit save it would come back to I needed to answer the question. SO I started entering the words none and the number zero.

I shot an email to back to them and told them their program does not like it when someone does not enter personal loans (I have none, the business does but I don't). The credit cards are paid in full each month and mostly utilities, medical and groceries. I have no car payment. There was no place to add what Hubby pays so it looked like I was in the negative even after increasing my withdraw. 

Head of the branch said my guy walked into his office and told him I had an issue with the program... he asked who I was ... the gambler's daughter . OH WELL , that explains it. They always called Daddy the gambler, it's how he earned his living when he was younger. He did it when he retired and refused to get rid of stock that I still hold because I refuse to get rid of it also.

They did a manual report. Added Hubby's side also and filed a complaint to the head office over it along with the fact I had already met with my guy and dealt with every thing.  They did acknowledge they don't see many that can live on social security with very little of an IRA especially with a mortgage. 

I am my Daddy's child. Brother is Mother's when it comes to money.  I feel for his wife. 

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