Friday, December 3, 2021

OH GEEZE mess up

 I forgot eyeglasses, no insurance coverage for that. This past year that was about $1200 for the two of us with exams. I have 5 pairs :sewing, computer, reading, long distance and sunglasses long distance. Hubby has two pairs of computer and two pairs for driving. He wears bifocals when driving. Need to put $100 a month back for that.

I forgot dental and remembered it when they sent a card to remind me of my appointment on the 13th. They offer cleaning only and dentist only. They see a lot of Amish that do not have their teeth cleaned. I get both which is $150. This year we both had work done at $250 each. So we spend $1100 for the year. I figure I will just round it up to $1200 and put back $100 a month.

Hubby said take it from the extra money for the mortgage. I really don't want to do that unless we have to.

I called my IRA guy. He said he was just getting ready to call me as he had miss figured and I had 8 years left to pull the money instead of 7 and that he could add to what I am pulling now to cover those two bills and I would start getting that figure this month. 

WHEW.... Now I have to go redo the budget to reflect that. 

We do know we will be replacing two laptops that can no longer be updated but they are working fine for now. That can be on 2023 list (HOPE)

Son2 then texted me he had paid off the last of his medical bills so he set his checking up to automatically send me $100 a month to pay off what he owes us for fixing his car. He really likes his new job.

Daughter 2 called (something she does not like to do but is willing to text) which scared me as I thought something was wrong. She paying for her son's flight home, his dad is paying for him to go back to base IF HE EVERY GETS TO COME HOME, still is paying off court costs and probation costs (she was ONE hundredth over the limit of drinking and then got busted for driving without a license as hers had expired LAST YEAR). She was not sure when she was going to be able to start paying us.  Not bad news like I was worried about but we really figured she wouldn't pay us until she got her taxes back if then because she has one ,LAST one, graduating from high school.. he does take some college classes also and works as a cook and she is a server. BUT she did offer to give us gas money(wanted to know how much she should put back for us) when we went down to drop of Christmas or/and see her son. WHICH NO ONE EVER OFFERS US. Glad I was already sitting down. 

Daughter 4 is working overtime. From 3 days a week (32 hrs.) to 6 days a week. She has a couple past bills she has to pay off that she forgot about or we would have paid them off  and is continuing to save for a house of her OWN. The person (referred by my mortgage guy)  that works with first home buyers is working with her and her son in law and daughter to get them on track and be supportive of them. Daughter 4 said her credit score it almost there and she is saving for the down payment and closing costs. She is looking at the HomePath program as she is able to do repairs in a home. She won't be making payments to pay us back until 2023 as we agreed. We want her on her feet and in a better home as the one she is renting has a slum lord.  

Daughter 1 had surgery on her elbow and wrist of her left arm(had right arm done a couple years ago). They told her it's from running registers for a long time. She is in management now and finally sucked up going for surgery. 

Son 1 is waiting to see how things go with the new covid before he finalizes plans for his vacation in Jan. 

Daughter 3 said she is working extra hours due to people quitting. Just let her know when we would be down like a day or so before. We might have to drop off gifts(cash in cards) to her at work if none of the kids are home. Two oldest are working thru their vocational school , next one down is working with his dad and the youngest is babysitting.

 They grow up so freaking fast.   


  1. Well it sure sounds like everyone s efforts are paying off. I think you're a good support but also an accountability support.

  2. I am glad your kids seem to be taking hold. It is good you are there to steady them. Try Physician's Mutual for dental insurance. I would not be leaving cards with cash unless she puts them in her bra.

    1. Physicians Mutual doesn't have anyone in our area and they wanted us to pick up their health ins which I am not doing. I might check AARP. We get a cash discount at the dentist here.. I usually hand the kids their cards or send it in FB . I do not trust the mail

  3. Love the run down on all the kids. :D