Saturday, March 25, 2023

End of the week.

 M had the younger boys looking for this fellow. They noticed that Charlotte kept jumping at the door and barking... they thought at first she was barking at them until she ran to the other window and barked. So they were able to figure out where he was and get him back home. Since they got cookies for bringing the rooster home, they brought over two cookies for Charlotte for helping them. LOL.

A friend screen shot these to me

He thought it was interesting as he has always told his wife to pitch it after 6 months and they fought over it more than once. I just wanted to bang my head on the wall... or maybe his if I was close enough. 

Four days of medical appointments has been a drag, both of us are worn out from it. Hubby said we got 16 mpg with the work truck, we get 15 mpg with the other truck that we now only drive local as it's rusting out and we don't trust it to not hit a pot hole and frame break to drive it very far.  We saved 20 cents /gal on the first tank through his credit card with the gas station. Then 30 cents/ gal with Kroger's. We ate out once (instead of the normal every single time). 

We had lunch at friends home on the last one. I took a side dish and they did the main meal. It was a nice visit that we haven't had for a long time. They let us know they bought some elderberry bushes to grow and if they had extra they would share. I had already ordered some myself

On Wednesday I told Hubby we needed to not do the 4 days straight with appts as it is a killer and he wasn't able to work. As soon as  I said it his phone ran.

 A 144 was needing a load hauled Friday. It's on the calendar. 

On Thursday A B  called needing scrap hauled Sat... junk yard is not open on Saturdays so it's now on Monday. But Hubby told him he would bring the trailer over on Saturday afternoon so they could have it loaded. 

J. A. B. called right after needing to have stuff hauled to his in laws on Saturday. So Hubby dropped the trailer off after A 144 so J.A.B. could load it. 

When done hauling it this morning he will drop it off to A B. Monday he will haul scrap to junk yard, then drop trailer back off to J. A. B to reload for lumber for barn that is going up at his in laws and Hubby will pick trailer up on Wednesday.

Add in there we are driving 2 hrs. (4 hrs. total)to do pit stops to drop stuff off to kids on Tuesday evening. 

N... E's brother and whom we bought the house from stopped last night to see our stove as he is thinking of getting a new one for his wife. I told him to have her come over to see if she liked it.I know she would do the warming closet on the top that I don't have. He also needs 47 bunk beds he made hauled on Thursday. That's an all day trip and he is going with Hubby as there are a couple stores he wants to stop at. Hubby did tell N to remind him to drink his water as he is dehydrating and it's making other health issues worse. N has no problem with that as he said he has a worker that he has to remind also. Trailer is going to N on Wednesday night. 

As N was leaving I closed the window on my screen door. It has a retractable screen... N thinks he wants to change his doors out to like that as it would help during the winter when the wood stove is running them out of the house as his wife doesn't want to leave doors open with the little ones.

I bet ten bucks that A 144 and/or D P  most likely both, calls with a load on Friday.  

I am glad Hubby thought to ask Doc if he was okay for still hauling.

Hubby had to stop and get a piece of pipe and 2 fittings to finish the solar pump connection to the pressurized tank. He was upset about it and I just told him to laugh it off as it's ALWAYS something  PLUS he was able to pick up new leather gloves for us ON SALE and we wouldn't have been there if he hadn't needed to get the last of the items. He calmed down after that. 

He got upset when he went to make popcorn and couldn't remember where I kept the popper for the microwave. Told me that he wouldn't be able to make popcorn if something happened to me because he couldn't find it. Asked me where it was... small appliance cabinet... still a blank. I pointed out he would do what he has always done... get a skillet, lard, bacon grease and butter and pop the corn on the stove... He laughed until he cried because that's exactly what he would have done. 

I did tell him even if I label the cabinets when I spring clean (May, no sense doing it as long as we are using the wood stove off and on), I didn't think it would help him. Because I would put general list like small appliances.

I need to work the budget for April.

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace. 


  1. Sometimes I have to say to my Hubby that forgetting simple things is something that does just happen sometimes and is not connected to his brain injury. I have gotten so that I can see the difference and it is helpful to realize that sometimes it is just life or he is tired.

    Funny how all the sudden it is common to use things out of date when so many of us knew it like forever.

  2. Good that the rooster was found and returned safely before a predator took him.
    Mightn't your husband forget where he is going if he is forgetting things on the counter?
    What kind of screen? Link? Thanks.

    1. He uses GPS and has a written calendar of where he is to be. Several of the Amish have rode with him and said he is still doing fine there. Friend screen shot it from their phone but you could go to,for%20two%20to%20five%20years.

  3. Would an inventory of where things are be helpful? For example, if you labeled the cabinets "small appliances", your inventory would then show "popcorn maker" in the small appliances cabinet. Not sure if that's too many steps, but might help relieve some of his worry about being able to find things.

    1. He asked for his old popcorn pan to be cleaned (it's in the barn) and hung on peg board with rest of skillets