Thursday, March 30, 2023

Health update

 I saved money by calling my GI instead of just showing up to the ER for my Crohn's attack. After answering what seemed to be a million questions, the PA asked if anyone around me had the stomach bug that is going around. I didn't know so I called the kids I had been around.... Daughter 4 said it was like having hard labor while sitting on the toilet and dry heaving in the trash can... HUM... Called PA back and he said the treatment would be the same but they would run a CT Scan with contrast to see if it was Crohn's or stomach bug. Not putting my veins through that or spending that kind of money to be treated the same. Plus 3 hrs. of driving and the gas money.

Hubby said we saved 2 pots of coffee and 4 pots of tea as the only thing I could keep down was water... room temperature water. Last night I ate a grilled cheese sandwich with crusts removed (Charlotte love it as she got the crusts). Kept it down but still spent 2 hrs. in bathroom.

Last night was the first night since Sunday night I slept in the bed. Charlotte has been sleeping beside me on the bathroom floor. Rascal used to do that. She was happy to be back in her rocking chair that she has made into her bed. I got about 3 hrs. of sleep at a time with 30 minute bathroom break. BUT hey, I slept in bed and made it to the bathroom every time. Lots of improvement there. 

We saved gas as we didn't go see the kids and after I told my symptoms none of them wanted me any where near them. I got a lot of I love you BUT ... 

Hubby took a lot of short hauls to keep the money rolling in but still be able to check on me. He has a long haul today but different Amish along with the kids blowing my phone up will be checking on me. 

I get tired easy... not surprising with out eating. 

It took me 3 days to do finances that normally take me an hour. SIGH

Blessed Be

Stay safe

Prayers for peace


  1. Glad that you are feeling better! Even if only a tiny bit! Being able to sleep in bed rather than on the floor is worth millions! Hilogene in Az.

  2. About eight years ago I horrific food poisoning and only had water for 9 days. It is the pits. That stomach bug is a rough one. Glad thing are looking up for you.

  3. I am so sorry about the flair. I can just imagine how week you are.