Thursday, March 30, 2023

Plans for April

 I took the Flylady calendar I usually use for what I am canning and put our protein on it and then in markers of yellow, orange, black, purple, blue, green and red for the color of the fruit and veggies we need to eat. I will either write the food down or just cross off the color it was. I used pencil for white/tan.

I cashed in 2 CDs and turned around and bought 2 more that are paying 1.5% more in interest. 

I got an annuity from Daddy... Man has been dead almost 3 yrs and they just let brother and I know it was sitting there. I got the back payment and then will get a monthly payment. It's not a lot but it would have gave him some spending money for the month. As it is Brother and I get 50%. 

I was talking to older cousin on Daddy's side about what to do with such a small amount and about gardening. I mentioned Daddy growing roses which seem weird as it was after my stepmom died. She remembered Daddy talking her mom, his older sister, into growing roses as the rose hips help with inflammation and have vitamin C. 

Hubby and I talked it over as we were already planning to put in more perennials. I figured this would be where Daddy who grew his own veggies until his late 80s would like his money used this way. 

I have or have ordered a dozen different roses (rose hips have vitamin C plus help with inflammation )to go along the back fence at the pasture behind the barn. It needs the fence replaced. So that's where the back payment can go on. I also ordered 2 elderberry bushes (helps with immunity) because right now I either get it from friends that get it from other friend or I have to order it. I ordered horseradish  as what we planted last year did not grow. I have 5 blueberry bushes in and 2 on their way. I have 10 black raspberry bushes (helps with inflammation, nausea and mouth sores) ordered.  

I still need to replace some herbs that died and find apple mint  also. 

We have another large medical bill coming in as our eye glasses will be in.  

Our federal, state and school tax refunds are in. I hope to put most if not all of it back after paying off this year's coming school tax due. I would like to see the budget cut by at least 10% BUT AND have 3 months savings incase something happens to one of us and the other doesn't have access to money

Hubby wants to pay the mortgage off. 

I'm still dizzy enough to not try to work on that.

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace


  1. Yes, pay off the house! You just cannot believe what a blessing it is to know you own your home free and clear.

  2. Perennials, in my opinion, are never a bad idea. Do you have nut trees? Will pecans grow where you live?