Monday, November 20, 2023

Hubby brought up

 He would like to do the grocery shopping like we did when the kids were growing up. I'm like... which part? The stop at butcher shop for the reduced on Saturday night because the store was closed on Sunday? The nine loaves of homemade bread I baked DAILY? The leftovers going into casseroles and leftover casserole going into soups?

No, the part we only go every two or three months for bulk. 

That was before Amazon for sure. 

 I had changed to once a month with milk run between last summer when one of the Amish ladies told me she was saving 25 % by not going every other week. 

In Sept with all the medical problems I went to 6 wks. Groceries are now averaging $85/week.

I showed him our standard list. There are a few things added due to holidays. Pointed out that fresh salad and fresh veggies will not last that long. He is willing to pick up some fresh veggies when he picks up the milk. 

I have no problem with going to January without being in the freaking stores. I don't want what ever new crud is going around. We are still averaging 4 medical appts a week.

I wrote out the list to increase the amount of time before we need to shop. Added some healthy snack food as I know we will snack more than eat meals with being mostly at home. I am hoping that the medical appts go down to one or two a week not four like now. 

I also made note... fresh salad and seafood first/ fresh veggies (think carrots and celery) and poultry next. Root veggies (and winter squash, cabbage in storage) next and then canned goods and freezer goods. 

I did tell him if it goes to waste we lose that money. I usually will dehydrate, freezer or make casserole or soup before that happens but it does happen sometimes.

He understands he will be in store pushing a cart. AND there will be at least 3 if not 4 stops.

If we take our time and I figure it correctly, it should be manageable between the two of us.

The side benefit, if I reduce the grocery budget doing it , that money can go over on to the mortgage.

Stay safe

Prayers for Peace 

Blessed be

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