Thursday, June 20, 2024

Choices, another Amish death in area


Heat index is running around 100 ℉ Charlotte wanted to watch Hubby but didn't want to go out with him as he went to the barn to get somethings for the HAM radio field day he will be attending on Saturday. 

A.C. is at 80 ℉. Weather forecast just extended the heat index over 100 until Sunday. This is not normal for this area especially this time of year. Curtains are closed to keep the sun out. Hubby opened the north window curtain and moved his laptop there instead of turning a light on or even light an oil lamp*which gives off heat* our usual go to for light. That window gets some shade  

We had lunch meat in tortilla wraps, chef salad (75% from our gardens) and egg salad (free eggs from Amish neighbor). I made strawberry ice cream using strawberries from the gardens. We picked up some Gatorade to keep electrolytes up after mine dropped after working in the gardens even though it was mostly in the morning otherwise it's mostly water. We have pulled some leftovers from the freezers to keep from cooking. We got a pizza from the local small store that serves lunches also. They got a new owner and he was tired of driving 20 minutes to get a pizza so he put in a pizza oven and expanded the store. It was good, thin crust was not soft so it held up well to the 4 toppings we had. On the expensive side if you are already in  town, the one gas station has good pizza same size for $11 . This was $18 and had 2 more toppings than the gas station one.

Hubby checked out an auction around the corner from us. They had a knee hole desk, 2 wood boxes (for storing fire wood) and some windows. Windows were too small, desk was bigger than what Hubby has and the wood boxes were pretty old and repaired a lot. So he didn't stay for the auction.

E came stopped in late last night to tell us a 14 yr old Amish boy lost control of the horse and buggy he was driving at the railroad crossing while a train was going pass. The buggy side swiped the train after the horse broke the cross gate , tossing the boy out and then landed on his head. He hit the road face first.They think he die instantly.

Stay safe

Prayers for peace and sanity

Blessed be

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  1. Charlotte is my kind of girl. I, too, peak under window curtains if I want to see anything. Smart dog.
    That is sad about the child. Here, we have people shooting children, no horse and train calamity.