Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Heat stress


90 degrees she's sunbathing.... Hubby timed her, she was out for 10 mins. then came in , drank water and went to her den in the basement for an hour. 

I on the other hand spent 2 1/2 hrs, 3 bottles of water drank, in the gardens and in by 11. Went back out at 11:30 to finish the 4 beds covers to protect the lettuces... should have waited until evening because my BP dropped low, pulse went up after I came back in... we had turned on the AC and set it at 80 degrees. Gatorade, and rest brought everything back to normal including the lecture from Daughter 2 (her boys did 2 a day foot ball practice in this type of weather) and Son 2 due to Iraq. We won't mention (oh yes I will) that Hubby retired EMT drew a blank and went over to E and M's asking what he should do for me...M came over to check but I was already doing what I should be doing.She told me to take an umbrella to the gardens the rest of this week even in morning. Doc told me in by 11 was good(he gardens also) but don't go back out into the heat (index was 105) until after 8 pm.and only if the index is below 85.

So I rewrote my to do list and in middle of night added this.

Next time I will turn on the light and put on my glasses as neither of us could figure out what I wrote... I figured it out later it was supposed to be mosquito (mosq) pellets 4(for) pond. 

Hubby dealt with it and we picked what few berries was ripe... before 8 am. this morning. Laundry is on the line, he is in barn checking on the generator he might have to take to HAM radio field day on Saturaday. The barn is 80 degrees.

We  had chef salad last night and egg salad today. Probably will finish the egg salad at supper.

I am resting as required by my body, let alone everyone else.

Stay safe

Prayers for peace and sanity (common good sense also 😜)

Blessed be


  1. You and I are cut from the same cloth

  2. If blood pressure drops, lay down and elevate your feet. Drink water. Take care of yourself and husband. Hot here in neighboring PA.

  3. Oh no heat exhaustion...I went out at 8 last night. I missed the morning time. Man it's hot.

  4. Stay cool. The doctor may be off about how long you can stay out. Dog is smart.