Monday, July 2, 2018

209 update

Head contractor is still saying July 15th for it to be finished... carpenter and painter are saying when the paint and then floors dry. HVAC is done, electric is being finished today. Plumbing will be when the dishwasher, sinks and toilets are installed AFTER the paint dries . Floors are sanded and covered until painting is done and then they will be finished. The basement is suppose to be ready for us to clean and seal. We had 7 inches of rain last week at 209 and there is a little bit of water from the outside door so that has to be changed so it doesn't happen again.

Here is the pics.
First is "I blew a gasket" because I was told the cold air return duct would take about a drawer space out of my cabinet IF the kick plate wasn't enough. HVAC contractor took half the cabinet and then didn't want to box it off so I could keep the rest of the cabinet from being covered with dog hair etc. Like I paid $400 for his return ...and I knew he could have done it a lot differently. Head contractor and carpenter saved him from me ripping his head right off his shoulders and came up with a compromise. Funny how he only needed 8 inches and it could be boxed in.

I love my cabinets, were expensive but will hold up for decades .
The empty spot is where the dish washer goes. The white vent will be painted but that's the only color that size comes in.

Carpenter and Hubby hung my chandelier and then decided it was too low and raised it. Like someone is going to walk on my counter to hit their head? 

Hubby did say he had to lean almost to the middle of the cabinets to get his head in the picture.
Kitchen sink light is in . They are hanging the pot rack light that goes over the stove today.
bedroom ceiling fan done.

Laundry room light
bathroom ceiling light. Painter stood in tub and held up a drop cloth where the shower curtain would be so the electrician could put the light so it shown in the tub but not interfere with the shower curtain. They said their wives complain about a lack of light to shave their legs... Hubby just laughed because I do that also. Won't have that problem now.

Wheelchair bathroom light was done the same.

south loft lights done
north loft lights (and skylight) done
this is the wood we had the skylight boxed in with since there is about 3 ft from the skylight to the ceiling in that loft.
east loft lights
staircase light between east and west lofts. The north and south lofts don't have a light due to no place to install one. We will figure something out.
west loft light
front room is oak
the dining room and mud room is white(aka sugar )maple , the kitchen , hall and bedroom are red maple.

the east and west lofts have red maple.

Both bathrooms, laundry room, north and south lofts have to have floors replaced so we are using Sterling oak vinyl planks that are water resistant installed. Still looks like gray wood. Pictures to come when they get to that part.

Hubby is still working on moving fence posts to move the fence. Front porch floor needs repainted LOL.

Last time we updated the to do list, it was done from 600 plus to 350.
Our plans are to be moved by end of Sept if not sooner.

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