Monday, July 2, 2018

July groceries...please sit down ...

I'm not sure what type of grapes they are, this heat has been taking it's toll on them . Rain came in yesterday so that helps some.

I went to the myself and Hubby was shocked. I haven't been shopping for much, we aren't eating much. A neighbor of 209 gave us some tomatoes and green tomatoes on Friday. But there is a good size hole in 2 freezers and one frig was almost completely empty. They...meaning the head contractor is HOPING to be done with 209 by mid July which means we need to pick up the speed of getting the fence moved so we can haul dogs over with us and let them run around (instead of a 20 x 40 ft area fenced off with the barn open for them to go in out of the sun).

SO I need meals that can keep us healthy (lecture from Doc) and not weigh us down but not salads a lot to trigger my tummy issues.

Spent $456.96...saved $147.36  of almost 31% savings... got $1 off 35 gals of fuel for another savings of $35.

What is on the menu:

egg muffins (Kevin Jacob's blog, some frozen for later,  bfast/lunch/supper)
Chicken Kiev (not rolled just butterflied)
meatloaf in muffin tins(some frozen for later)
Country fried Steak (Hubby loves it for a weekend bfast , might make extra for freezer)
Roasted chicken followed  by chicken and rice casserole.
Chicken salad
Philly cheese steak meatloaf (half sliced and frozen )
Shredded beef , broccoli stir fry
cauliflower steaks
pork chops
ground turkey Asian lettuce cups
Hamburger patties
Mini (bfast) sausage patties on slider buns
Cucumber, cream cheese sandwiches

I have strawberries, rhubarb(in my patch here), watermelon, honeydew, pineapple and cantaloupe.

I have potatoes to make potato salad, potato presse (recipe from Son 2 Home chef) and mashed potatoes, and mashed potato patties.

I have sweet potatoes to make baked sweet potato and sweet potato wedges.

I bought different lettuces, kale, spinach etc for salads and cooked greens (boy do I miss my gardens)

Green tomatoes to fry, red tomatoes to go with cucumber and onions, and carrots to shred for sunshine salad(orange jello)


PASTA, I had coupons for $2 off of 3 or 4 and had several coupons. Kroger's had a pasta sale, buy 4 save .... I came home with 30 lbs of pasta for $11.70

GARLIC POWDER. Not something I use a lot of as I grow garlic but I didn't grow as much this year since I knew we would be moving. I will run out about December so I got what was on sale that I can use when making pasta sauce instead of my fresh garlic.10 for $10

COFFEE, Hubby drinks 3 times as much coffee as I do and we don't drink the same type (he drinks BOLD) I had coupons for 2 cans so picked them up as Kroger's had a sale. Ended up being half priced.

FROZEN CHICKEN BREAST, on sale and I had 2 coupons, usually $9.99 I got for $4.99

CHEESE on sale with coupons

ANCHOVY PASTE in tube...clearance

TOMATO PASTE in tube ...clearance

PUFF TISSUES .... on sale with coupons and I was completely out due to allergies for both of us. I would hate to think how bad they would be without our meds.

BACON...on sale with coupons

MUFFIN MIXES...on sale with coupons. I don't normally buy muffin mixes but at this point even thinking about making anything from scratch is pushing the limits of my energy which was already low before the antibiotics that causes sever fatigue.

SODA POP...on sale with coupons and I buy the drinks for the family reunion that is in Sept. I always get the drinks around July 4th when the prices are low and combine them with coupons. For the last 3 years I've been able to get all the drinks (including 3 cases of bottled water) for less than $25 for 50 -75 people.

FOR FREE...olive oil, balsmatic vinegar, 64 oz diet cranberry mix juice, energy drink, 2 pkgs of Always underwear, Hefty slider bags, Klondikes, flatbread,loaf of bread, bibb lettuce and 2 bags of frozen corn.

For the next 2 days I will be prepping everything as much as possible to take the"what's for dinner when we get home" and "it's too hot to cook"  out of our lives for a few weeks.

Blessed Be

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