Monday, July 2, 2018


for no other reason than something to smile about.
It's for the laundry room at 209.

My 4 legged babies.

Rascal being afraid of the storms rolling through during the night. Wilbur standing guard over Charlotte, he thinks of her has his baby.
Charlotte looking back at off while she's on the front porch. I am standing in the house in the dining room looking out the window.
It just happened that was the last time she was allowed out by herself as she is now trailing bunnies and birds through the corn fields and not able to find her way back home. No way for us to find her while she's in the field either. SO Hubby and I take turns of who goes out with her. Side benefit is both of us are "slowing" down in the evenings to got out and sit and watch her . She's doing better after this last time but not trusting her. Be glad when we move as there will be a fence around the plus acre for her to run and not get lost in a field or on the road.

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