Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday normal routine

Hubby hauling pallets as usual.

I made the bed.

I remade the couch. We put a comforter on the couch for the dogs to lay on... Charlotte tinkled on it yesterday when the boys were petting her. Didn't got through to the couch. I washed it last night and tossed it in the dryer. I took the dog blanket I had laid on couch and put back on the floor beside the bed where Wilbur will lay when he is hot.

I did the laundry and have it on the drying rack, walkers and shower curtains. Really damp outside but at least the snow is gone because we got RAIN when we warmed up a bit.

I unloaded the dishwasher.

I dusted.

I walked down the lane and got the mail after I waved Hi to the mail lady.

I topped off the oil in the containers in kitchen

I cooked the dogs eggs, keeps Wilbur from having dandruff

I've held Charlotte that is constantly pacing... Wilbur and Rascal are snoozing so I don't know what is going on since Rascal is my scaredy  cat.

I ordered herb plants for the gardens. I wasn't going to with the way the IRA is dropping but I have the money now and in long run it keeps the home running.

I restocked the kitchen from pantry and freezers, needed yeast, salted butter, unsalted butter and cheese. Pulled phyllo shells to put choc pudding in, brownie mix, pumpkin whoopie cookies and a box of frozen waffles Son 2 gave me.

I took the jars that had been in the dishwasher, put new canning lids on and took to basement and put with the rest of the empty canning jars.

I've ate , took meds and figure out that I would be taking another pizza crust and making taco pizza as I have a couple of tomatoes that need used and know I have lettuce.

AND IT'S NOT EVEN 1 PM... sigh

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