Monday, March 23, 2020

plans for my week...

Daughter 2 suggested I do what I did when I was a widow and they were younger than 10.

Write a weekly list of projects I want to do... not a daily of dust and shine or the ironing. Of things I want to mark off punch list and this is bugging me list.

So here is this week's list

I can take bread off the list as when Hubby pit stopped at Save a Lot when he got fuel around the corner he grabbed a gal of milk and a large loaf of bread.

Kt is marked off also.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. So that's ironing, shine windows and mirror, swish and swipe the bathrooms. Hubby is home so it's go over the finances of his business and our home finances.

Since Hubby is home he can help clear the mudroom of the extra boxes.

I took another one of the pizza crusts and made taco pizza for supper

 I did wash the rags after dinner and they are now on the drying rack.

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  1. Those dust and shine lists keep people informed that they are not lazy. I do understand making the kind of list you made. In the former post, you said you washed canning jars and put new lids on them before putting them away. I have always stored my canning jars with the lids on because I do not want to have to wash a spider or mosquito or dust from them before canning the next time. Is that why you store with lids on? And, do you can buttermilk when liquid? How do you do it?