Thursday, July 29, 2021


 Can't get my reading list up on blogspot so I can not read everyone's post today.

 Been jumping hoops for over a  month to get my Humira refilled and was told that it is still pending and my injection due on Sunday and I am out. Stupid pharmacy told me to ask my doctor for a sample. I turned that person in to their boss. Clueless totally clueless. 

This one has been a battle for over a month. We didn't have a direct number to the company that manages our medication and does the approval. I do now as the Medical side gave it to me but they are doing battle now with why it's been pending since 7/10 and they did say if my doctor can't get it through to go back to HR from where Hubby retired and get them to put pressure on them. 

Freaking stress of trying to get my Humira approved after 2 yrs. of taking it, is going to trigger a flare up.

Rascal is now shaking his head like he has something in his ears. I washed them out and it seems like he is doing that less. I might wash them out again later today. If he is still doing it tomorrow morning we will be taking him to the vet by himself.

On the good side:

 I sent Hubby yesterday to TSC as he had a coupon for $10. that was expiring. Since he had got 4 pairs of pants the other day for $29.50 I told him to check if they had any more in his size and if not then get dog food. He got pants, they were $39.50 (none were on sale or clearance). The casher couldn't get them to ring up so she got the manager. The manager couldn't get them to ring up so she used a different pants that was $34.50 And he pointed that out to the manager and then she gave him the $10 off coupon he had and another $10 for standing in line for 10 minutes to get it to go through. We still have another coupon to use next week on dogfood.

Wilbur is coughing less and sleeping through the night again, voice comes and goes.  When he is sleeping he leaks SIGH. That's just his meds but he has 2 more weeks of it. I have protectors on the bed, couch and 3 chairs he will crawl up in. Thankful we have solid wood floors especially since he coughs up water (no food so that is good). He has more energy, not like he had before getting sick but he is walking pretty much the full perimeter again with me now at least twice a day. 

Have a good day.


  1. I can't either so it is not just me. Blogger is on the fritz. I too am having trouble getting my zeljanz, but I have extra stashed away for just this purpose. Damn pharmacies.

  2. Hmmm, I wonder what is wrong with blogspot for you and Kim. I hope your dog quits leaking.

  3. I'm havin ghte same issue Kim and Jules. I can though pull down th list and go one blogger at a time and see if I missed anyone-that' sho I got to yours. I ahve to have a quick appointment to get my omeprizole refilled. I'd just by the OTC, but with insurance, I pay less than $10 a month, and the OTC is through the roof-perhaps $40 for a months supply.