Wednesday, August 4, 2021


 Hubby got 38% of a set of jeans at TSC.

I got 56% off my order at Hanes for pants for this winter. Son 2 had just bought some  and knew it was the style I prefer. More likely he didn't want me to swipe his and cut off the legs 😜. The old sweat pants will go to being PJs and the old PJs will be cut up for rags.

Garden budget: I made an order at Johnny seeds for items we need for the gardens for late fall and spring seeds saving 11%.

Garden budget: I made an order at Amazon to finish getting clips and half clamps for the hoops for the gardens to cover a few of them with row cover saving 5% and a $2 digital credit. 

Eating out budget finished the month with $28.42 in it. 

Grocery budget: Even after 2 "big" orders from Amazon (cheapest price and $2 digital credit) and 10 dozen ears of corn for freezer. We ended the money $229.51

We went to Menards to get more piping for hoops over the garden boxes. Hubby found an 100 ft roll for $10 cheaper that buying pipe. HE says he can make it work better and curve better and not bend into a triangle. He checked out and went to the truck while I finished shopping.

While there I checked the food and cleaning sections. Since I had my lists, with prices from Walmart and Kroger's I checked prices. Juices were $1 to $2 cheaper. I use a lot of apple juice for canning fruit instead of light syrup. I got cleaning supplies I was low(Lysol spray especially for work truck) on (or out AKA furniture oil). I save 49% (adding 11% rebate) on what I bought.

Then we went to Kroger's. I finished getting what was on my list except celery. They were out. I saved 29% with coupons and sales.

When we got home, M saw us pull in and sent young B over to give us a cantaloupe and asked if we could go get her celery. WORKED FOR ME as it meant Hubby would go get her and ME celery. She wanted to can vegetable soup and needed celery. I will dehydrate some of the celery and also be canning vegetable soup this week.

How is things going for you?


  1. I LOVE typos. "Hubby got 38% of a pair of jeans". I was trying to picture him wearing only 38% of a pair of jeans. :D Yes, I do know you meant "off." :D

    1. then you would have loved it when he came home with only his crotch covered due to his pants getting ripped up. LOL YEAH it was supposed to be off.

  2. I really need to get canning lids but cannot find any, but have not looked too hard.