Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Update Daughter 4

 Last Radiation and Chemo pill AUG 6.

Last check up with oncologist AUG 12th

FIRST DAY OF ORIENTATION SEPT 8th.. 3 days on 1st shift

SEPT 12th she starts FULL TIME 3rd shift at her OLD job with a $2/ HR raise from what she was making 18 months ago. 

She is working out with a personal trainer (so she doesn't over do it) 3 hrs. a day 5 days a week. Her goal is to be able to walk her dogs by herself  by the middle of the month (Jaxon is a tugger and weighs 80 lbs.).

She quit napping right after working out. Focused on staying up and moving 10 hrs. a day like she will when working. 

She is trying to set her own budget based on her bring home. Her goal is rebuild her credit score and buy her own home. Which requires saving which she is not good at doing. HER daughter told her that it's not "okay the bills are paid so I have this left to spend". IT's the bills are paid I have this for savings for my dream. 
When Daughter 4 asked her where she got that from (as her Dad is not a saver either), she answered Nonna... when I had custody of Daughter's 4 youngest, I would get the older two (half siblings) for the weekend once a month. We were saving to buy a home when Hubby retired. She paid attention.

Daughter 4 sent me her budget... I sent back she missed some things like vet bills, copays and medication. Repairs on car etc. Her daughter had caught she was way too low on groceries and would get sick again from not eating right. 


  1. Your grand daughter is a smart cookie-well done. You shoudl be proud though of your daughter as well-she is making good steps at taking control of her health-personal and financial. Sh eis lucky to have you both for support.

  2. SO happy she is almost through this, and you are a smart grandma.

  3. Great job in being a good influence on your grand daughter.
    Glad your daughter is soon finished with treatments, and I hope she continues to do well.