Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Stop the Merry Go Round

 I do not want the brass ring ... I WANT OFF

There are times I think this family gets together to see if they can drive me crazy...they need to remember I do NOT HAVE TO SHIFT OUT OF PARK to get there. GEEZE.

Hubby has been watching doom's day Preppers on tv, now wants to be a homesteading prepper. I did ask why? Because  a known drug dealer from two counties away was murdered (shot to death beside the road) 2 miles from here. Amish heard the shot and had their English neighbor call it in. Englisher went down the road to see if it was an animal or what. Business at the end of the road has the sound of the shot and then a car racing pass on their security camera. I reminded him of the Grube murders in Fort Recovery OH that was close to where we lived at the time along with cattle and pig rustlers when he worked 3rd... now he is home during the night and worries about me during the day. He has taking to calling me while he is waiting on loads. I don't carry a phone when out side so he best just quit or he is going to worry himself to death.

Then Son 2 called to whine about being bored in his new job because he can't do all his stuff yet. I asked him how much more he was getting paid from his old job that just 3 wks ago he whined about having too much to do. His answer was too much to whine to them but not enough to not whine at me. I told him to call Daughter 2 and listen to her whine as payment to me since I had listened to her for 4 hrs. the other night as she whined over choices she made but isn't willing to do the work to correct the problems.

Daughter 3 texted to whine about her daughter wanting her to not get married (decent guy that is very supportive of Daughter 3) BECAUSE she wants her parents to get back together... I will commit Daughter 3 into the hospital for mental issues first and I told both granddaughter and her dad so. He finally admitted to his daughter that he put her mom in the hospital from beating on her and then landed in the hospital when he tried to do it a second time when she was with Daughter 2 when she blocked him from hitting Daughter 3 and then smacked her then she kicked his butt for him and then had the cops scrape him up. Granddaughter's asked if punching someone the norm for her dad's side (yes, it is).She has never saw her mom hit any one. 

Daughter 1 whined about her younger daughter not wanting to come around because Daughter 1 thinks she can tell her how to raise her baby and run her life. As that granddaughter had already told me why she wasn't going around her mom. Daughter 1 hung up when I reminded her that is why she wasn't in her own biological mother's life who tried the same crap with her.

Daughter 4 was doing good until some mortgage broker tried to talk her into taking one of his classes to get a down payment for a home in the county she lives in...She asked me for the money for the class (Her own daughter told her it was a scam) I had her call him on speaker phone, granddaughter called a cop and cop  listened in. Guy is now sitting in jail. Meantime Daughter 4 really thought after not working for 18 months she could just up and buy a $100,000 home and the bank would only want 3.5% down (not sure where she realized how much that was let alone the thought of where that was coming from) and she would get 3.753 % interest rate WITH A CREDIT SCORE of 500.... AND she has a collection against her from a credit bureau with she defaulted the payment 2 yrs ago when she was working a good job.

 Granddaughter had her send me her budget for when she starts working because Granddaughter thought it was missing things.  Both Granddaughter and I found several things missing from the budget and not enough in the grocery budget but plenty for extra like cigarettes etc. I got Daughter 4 talked into going to the same doctor Son 2 went to when he quit. I have no clue to why she started back up but Granddaughter said she was buying them with her door dash money. WHICH she is not doing now. I had Granddaughter show Daughter 4 that she would need to pay at $900 a month for that house with those guidelines. She can't afford that on the money she will bring home on her job. 

SO since I had 5 of the kids whining, I decided to text Son 1 (he works all sorts of hours so I didn't want to wake him if he was sleeping). He said he was fine, working steady and getting ready to go fishing for a week away from whiners at work.  LOL. 

I did update our budget. Updated the pantry inventory. Checked over Daughter's 4's budget and sent that back for her and Granddaughter to go back over. The laundry including all that Wilbur wet on (about half of what he did 2 days ago and he only has 1 more day of the meds that makes him pee... it should take a week for it to stop completely)  Rascal has to Monday and then texted Hubby I was taking the rest of the day as a MENTAL DAY.



  1. Hmm- I would think y’all are pretty close to homesteading preppers. Wondering what you would do additional to fit that definition.
    Can’t say my kids are whiny but other issues I would change

    1. I told him about the only thing I see difference I see is we don't have a non electric or gas way for getting water from the well. I don't think I can get the bucket down that pipe LOL. We don't have a way to heat the home if there is no fuel (we have diesel generator and a gas generator).

  2. I did like the part where you told Son 2 to take his whining to Daughter 2, since he owed you. :D

  3. That is a lot of whining from adults! And, not And, just what else does your husband think you have to do to be a prepper? It seems you are pretty much there.

  4. Oh my, my eldest called to whine about death threats again from her job as a prosecutor. Now I can't sleep.

    1. Son 2(military reserves and civilian side) and Daughter 2 bartender (that tells cops they can't have more) get threats all the time. I think that has became the go to for this society..